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10 New Year Looks to Copy From the Headies Award

The Headies Award which is the most anticipated Nigerian music awards show of the year has finally come and gone. And with it came the glamour, glitz and drama that is so conversant with the Nigerian entertainment industry. We saw enough of our TV, music and movie honeys who came to grace the show. We saw different colors of outfits that added pomp and pageantry to the event. And of course, the drama wasn't lacking. We also saw top notch performances from notable artistes. Here's a little "congratulations" to the winners of the awards.

What mainly caught our eye, and the reason for this post, was the different outfits of the night. Can I just say, Nigerians can dress! Well my post has spaces for only about 10 outfits, sadly, but that does not mean I didn't see over that amount of outfits that caught my eye.

It's no wonder this is the first picture I put up. Just look at this Yoruba Demon "Sneh!" gang member. This is actually the best of the Headies I saw. The outfit just commands so much respect. I mean, everyone who wore the 'agbada' outfit just looked splendid. I had to ask on my twitter page if the 'agbada' is a unisex outfit. It is definitely one you want to have in your closet if you want to stand out at parties.

All hail DJ Cuppy! This outfit is simple, stylish and easy to copy any day. Thank you DJ Cuppy, for that. Now definitely, most ladies would rock this style right along with you.

This is another outfit worth copying any day. It's a sassy see through top that could be sewn with lace or even chiffon and a draped skirt with a high slit to show off the great legs. And she also accessorized nicely. Great one, ma'am.

From the top, to the skirt and shoes, I'd give this outfit a 9. The design on the front of the top is just so amazing, and the color combination is bliss and easy on the eyes.

Falz The Badguy is really a bad guy. This outfit screams simplicity and class. It would really be a hit if you wore something like this for a date or a show. Thank you Falz, for showing us the way.

This is a simple off shoulder pleated gown, accessorized with a statement neck piece and high heels. It is a very chic style every lady should want to have a version of.

Perfect for your dinner parties, the style and color tone match and blend perfectly.

Again, we find simplicity and at the same time, a whole lot of style with this outfit. The jumpsuit style would always rock, any day, anytime.

As a guy, I would kill to look this fly one time. The outfit has the perfect blend of colors. It is perfect for an outing with friends, or that "friend" *clears throat* It would make a nice addition to your closet.

All hail this beautiful lady! Her sense of style is perfect and with this picture, you really don't have to envy her. Just go ahead and copy the awesome style.