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4 Christmas Decors You Shouldn't Do Without During The Holidays

Hurrah! The Christmas holidays are upon us and it's about that time to bring out your favorite lights, marbles and everything that sparkles and lets you feel the warmth of the holiday season. According to a report by Festival Advises, Christmas decorations are important as it brings the family together to decorate their home. We would be looking at the 4 most important Christmas decorations you should be looking at to bring that Christmas spirit to your home, office area or wherever you fancy.

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree can be said to be the most important of Christmas decorations. History has it that St. Boniface (born 680 A.D) is regarded as the individual who brought about the association of the fir tree to Christmas. Also, most of other Christmas decoration are adorned and decorated on the tree to give it that Christmas feel. It is also believed that the Germans popularized the Christmas tree. According to folklore, the tree is symbolizes eternal life and peace. You can get yours here

Christmas lights

Christmas Lights

Thomas Edison (the same person that invented the light bulb) invented the first electrical Christmas lights. We are pretty sure you did not know that. According to research, Edward Johnson who was then the vice president of Thomas Edison's company, adorned his Christmas tree with red, white and blue bulbs, eighty in number. That was how the tradition of colorful lights on Christmas trees started.

Christmas cards

Christmas Cards

Did you know that the Christmas card as a decoration had a debated beginning? It is believed that Sir Henry Cole (popular Inventor and educationist) requested a card to be designed for Christmas that had a child in it drinking wine with a family. The illustration was so controversial that it made the Christmas card hit till this day. Thanks to that controversy, Christmas cards have become an important part of the Christmas celebration.

Christmas candles

Christmas Candles

It is believed that the placing of Christmas candles in windows started from the beginning of Christianity. It is said to symbolize the light of Christ as some say it was on Christmas day the world heard of the arrival of Christ on earth. Candle burning Christmas decorations were meant to signify the night of the path to the Nativity, which is the lighting of the way for Mary and Joseph.

So get your Christmas decorations ready and let's have a wonderful Christmas in 2015.