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5 Belts Every Man Should Own

Just Like every other fashion accessory you put on, belts reflect your personality and style. The wrong belt can pass the wrong message about your style, or even worse ruin your whole look.

As small as this accessory is compared to other vital items that make up our look, the belt still gives your style a total look while unifying your general look. And of course, the most important of all is its primary purpose which is to hold our pants up.

Belts for men can be categorized just as looks can be. They are either formal or informal (casual). Formal belts are mainly for pant trousers and casual or informal belts go with every other look from jeans, khakis, shorts to chinos and leather pants and their buckle is usually designed in different styles. While the formal belts are leather belts mainly for trousers sometimes chinos, they are slimmer and their buckles are mainly easy designs.

The Dress Leather Belt

This is the most formal of all the belts. It's worn mainly with pant trousers. Most of the time, it comes in just two different colours: either black or brown, although some people like to style-up their formal wears these days and use colored formal belts. The formal belts are slim and have very simple plain silver buckles. They are mainly worn with traditional formal wears like suits, tuxedos and the likes. If you go for any kind of formal event or you work in a very formal office, you will definitely need one or more of this.

Casual Leather Belt

The casual leather belts are for jeans and chinos. Imagine how you look wearing those slim leather formal belts on jeans or chinos. Yes, you will look ridiculous. This belt has a more casual less formal look that gives you that cool and not geeky look. The casual leather belts are usually very thick, strong and last for a very long time.

Casual Branded Belts

All leather belts are dressy and formal, whereas the branded soft leather belt is more casual. It comes handy for non-formal occasions, like parties, social events or dinners with friends. Example of this branded all around belts are the LV belts, Gucci, Feragamo etc...

Fabric Belt

Wearing the same leathery plain belts every day for work and some outings, those good looking belts wouldn't blend well when you intend to go super casual with shorts or beach wears. The fabric belts will make you look sophisticated and sporty. When next you have a beach outing barbeque or you're just taking a stroll, strap on one of these. Lighten up your look with fabric belts.

Woven Belts

These belts are super funky and cool; they can be worn on jeans, chinos shorts and so on. They are usually dark brown in colour and are long, wavy and simple buckled. They are used for casual events or outings. This is definitely a very stylish type you should have.

Quick Tip:

It's fair to match the colour of your belts with that of your shoes or any colour of other accessories on your body for that perfect look.