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5 Ridiculously Priced Electronic Gadgets to Know in 2016

There are items people only buy for luxurious reasons. These items are unique and perform the same functions as the lower priced ones. In this world, there are different classes of people; the high, middle and lower classed. The ones who buy the listed gadgets below are mostly found in the higher class. Check out some of the electronic items that are ridiculously expensive.

Apple Pencil – Sold for ?20,000

Works with iPad and the new iPad Pro, with this iPen, you will discover new ways to quickly jot, annotate, and sketch in Notes. Use Apple Pencil to doodle while you brainstorm. Sketch out a plan for redecorating your home with the pencil option. You can also use the highlighter to draw attention to what's most important on your to?do list.

MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold | Price: ?6,000,000

This is another MacBook laptop, but this time, its body is made of gold. Therefore, you are not only paying for the hardware and software, you paying for the body build of the laptop which is made of pure gold, not tinted or plated.

Vertu Aster Diamonds Red Alligator | Price: around ?2,110,000

British manufacturer of luxurious handmade phones – Vertu, has introduced a swanky new fiery red gadget which is the Aster Diamonds Red Alligator; a luxurious diamond encrusted phone for the tech savvy. The Aster Diamonds Red Alligator is an opulent phone encrusted with 55 white diamonds, cased in stainless steel. The back of the phone is covered in red alligator leather, featuring a polished titanium plate. Each phone is handmade and has a unique feel. Available on the brand's outlet listed on for ?1,958,000. It runs on Android KitKat operating system and 2.3GHz quad-core processor; this phone boasts of a 64 GB internal memory. This 4G, NFC compatible phone has a high definition (1080p) 4.7-inch sapphire crystal glass screen. It has a 2.1MP front camera and 13MP rear camera with double flash and autofocus.

Apple iWatch – ?3,400,000

Apple watches are already known to be expensive. It is one of the best smart watches at the moment since 2015. There is always something for people who are fascinated by luxury for the people who want to spend more money on these gadgets regardless of the price. According to thorough research, the most expensive and ridiculously priced smart watch in the world had been one the Apple's watches also called iWatch. The watch has same pretty user interface like the others but the wrist band is somewhat built with a premium material unlike any other and it goes for about ?4,250,000.

Megatrend MKIII – Price Range ?16,000,000 to ?19,000,000

This is just a sound speaker that comes with an extraordinary sound; it is a luxurious item for a selected few. What makes the speaker so unique and ridiculously expensive is that it produces pure sound which makes it different from others you have used before. With this speaker, you just have to listen carefully to understand how awesome the sound it produces is.