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Fashion is pain, believe it when I say I know it. It is hard to come up with the right outfit especially when you have a truck load of clothes and picking the right one is something that a lot of us will constantly find exhausting but the truth is fashion has evolved and you really do not need to be overthinking your wardrobe to slay in style. The best thing about wearing comfoirt clothes is that thre are a million ways to rock your comfort clothes and you will still end up looking stylish. Of course we have all had a point where those Bodycon dresses, Lace dresses and outfits that require the perfect pairing are really the last thing on our mind and then we realise that even when we do not want to throw on something stressful the need to stay stylish overcomes the laziness and that is when you see ladies that cannot wait for the date to be over just so she can get off that dress or the event coming to an end just to take off that uncomfortable dress. There are a million and one stylish options to go for that women need to acquaint themselves with just so that they come in handy when you are not just in the mood for stressful dressing.

1. Shift Dresses

There is literally the easiest fashionable piece any woman can own in her wardrobe and if you feel the need to just throw something on, nice and easy, they are the best response. You are going for a date but not feeling the need to be overly dressed, they are the answer, are you even stressing on what to wear for casual Friday then you really should stock a truck load of shift dresses in your wardrobe and the best part how you can pair them with anything you want, sneakers, Court shoes, Sandals, Slippers but because we are talking Comfortable yet stylish Sneakers, low block heels, sandals or even slippers will definitely suit any occasion you are going for.

2. Palazzo Pants

This is my personal Favourite. They are completely chic, very comfortable and the fashionable choice for a comfy but stylish day. They are loose and flowy, a better option than Maxi dresses because of course when an outfit is in trend, everyone wants to have a piece of them My favourite part about this look is the fact that they can go with absolutely anything. Floral pants for the beach or just a movie hang out, tailored pants for work or even a date and they can go with any top ranging from lace to crop tops, Leather jackets and a mirage of other options. You do not even have to over think pairing it, because the pants already speak for themselves.

3. Low block heels

This has to be the best thing that has ever happened to shoe lovers because some shoe freaks really cannot go a day without throwing on a pair of shoes and whether they hurt or not because they are just a necessity and then came low block heels that literally look super stylish and very comfortable

4. Jeans

Of course we all know this is literally the comfort wear and we can literally have a blast wearing it in different looks but all that cannot be achieved if you are not spending good time wearing the right clothes. It doesn't have to be a random Tshirt and boring jeans, distressed jeans have come a long way and they are not even stressful to throw on, not to mention that once the detail is in the jeans you can literally get away with any look.

5. Ponchos

I love this comfortable look, you do not have to think of it, literally throw it on, pair with shorts or jeans, slippers, sandals or sneakers and you are out the door. They are perfect for when you want to spice up your winter look and ditch the conventional Cardigan. Life could not have possibly been easier.

6. Espadrilles

My best part about this collection the fact that you do not even have to wear sneakers, they are the best alternative. They are super comfy, very easy to throw on and of course we live in an era where skirts can be work with sneakers so why not replace that look with Espadrilles?