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With the mission to be the leading sports brand in the world Adidas has been working to achieve the goal since last 50 years. This German multinational company who focused on producing shoes is now an established sports trademark in the world that manufactures products such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports and clothing-related goods a part from shoes for all age groups.

The Three Parallel bars is the Adidas Trademark design usually found on Adidas shoes and clothing. with collections like Adidas Ultra Boost ST Shoes, Adidas Yeezy, Adidas Superstar Shoes, Adidas Y-3, Sneakers, Adidas Neo, Adidas originals, Adidas ZX flux, Adidas Samba and many more, today Adidas is the second largest sports manufacturing in the world after Nike And the largest sports manufacturer in Europe.

"Authenticity, Inspiration, Honesty, Innovative, Passionate and Commitment"- are the six values that the company follows and can be used to describe the company in shortest possible words. Today Adidas is associated with sports like Running, Football, Golf, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, Gymnastics and has manufactured unique sportswear for every sport and has been sponsoring many teams and players to promote their brand.

Adidas Y-3

Adidas has produced many supreme quality and fashionable shoe collection and Adidas Y-3 is one of them. Adidas Y-3 is a special collection of footwear and clothing manufactured by adidas in collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Y?ji Yamamoto. The "Y" in the Adidas Y-3 stands for the Y?ji Yamamoto, the "3" represents adidas' three signature stripes and the "-" signifies the association among the two.The main objective of adidas Y-3 collection is to prov ide supreme warmth and comfort to the customers. Oversize hooded scarves, quilted nylon hats, and gloves belted with three pieces of leather-a subtle play on the three-stripes tradition are the center of attraction among the Adidas Y-3 clothing collection. Classical Japanese shapes and materials are used in the designing of Adidas Y-3 footwear for men and women along with the technical expertise of Adidas.

The Adidas Y-3 series has been a hit among youngsters in Japan because of its unique and trendy style and these collections are available in Adidas Outlets in selected countries like Beijing, Manchester, Paris and Miami etc. Along with the Adidas Y-3 their is Adidas Samba Sneaker Collection which is one of the popular and best selling collection for indoor soccer training since 1950.Produced in variety of colors, today it is so popular that Adidas Samba is worn as a fashion sneaker these days and is a part of Adidas Originals which include the earlier designs which are still popular among the people.

Adidas Gazelle

In addition to that the Adidas Gazelle has been an unbeaten and impactful product in the footwear industry since 5 decades and is known as the 'Godfather '' of training shoes. The comfort and cushioning along with light weight of the shoes still attracts many players and has been a revolutionary product in the history of footwear. Adidas is always focused on the customer's need and demands and therefore they continuously work in order to enhance the quality, look and feel of their product and has also launched Adidas Neo providing a New and Fresh collection of casual footwear and sportswear which is new not only in shape but it is New by Concept as well as new by Definition.

Adidas Originals

The Adidas Neo Collection targets 14-19 year age group and offers cool and stylish collection that are competitive with the other high class fashion clothing retailers at a very handy price. Apart from the Neo collection, Adidas Originals also offers a sneakers range known as Adidas ZX flux which is viral among the sneakers collection because of the "Multicolor Prism" design it offers from the Photo Print pack which somehow gives energy and loudness making the old look new.

Adidas Springblade

Adidas has been working hard and innovating new designs and launching new products in the market to enhance performance of the athletes to utilize their talent and skills to the maximum. Adidas Springblade is one such creation as it is the first running shoes that come with tuned elastic blades which are positioned geometrically that creates an efficient springy-push for the runners and provides fast movement utilizing maximum energy from the springs. This collection has been very popular in Adidas UK as most of the Adidas Stores in UK were flooded with people after this collection's launch. With Jumia Market you can easily buy Adidas shoes and get Adidas Performance,Adidas Originals and Adidas Style for yours. Adidas is one of the best shoes brands for fashion-forward men, sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Adidas was founded in 1948 in Germany by Adi Dassler (hence the company name). Get the best Adidas footwear ranging from sneakers to Adidas boots. The brand does not only design and manufacture men’s and women’s sports shoes, they also have a tasteful selection of athletic gear, apparel and accessories as well. You can also shop from a wide range of clothing of the best quality at the most affordable prices online.

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Jumia Market is the one stop destination for all your requirements available at best price. Working globally Adidas has been a socially and environmentally responsible towards rewarding their employees and shareholders and has been working endlessly in order to strengthen the Adidas Style and Adidas Original products in the market.

The style team at Jumia Market have created an excellent range of pieces by Adidas for you to browse. Here we have elite sportswear and comfortable leisure wear, as well as lots of other items to inspire you. This brand is well known for its commitment to developing state of the art materials and designs to ensure that you can perform at your very best at your chosen sport or just feel as comfy as can be in your casual attire. All of the items in this branded collection are bold and stylish as well as being extremely functional and practical items.

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The designers at Adidas are always working hard to develop and extend their products, to keep them a cut above the rest, and their garments and other items tend to be very popular. So it is a good idea to snap up the latest items from this brand now, to ensure that you have got the complete outfit for your next big game, or for starting a new sport. If you have plans to lose weight or get fit, then choosing and buying new sportswear can be such a positive step towards starting that new workout regime. So get browsing this range - you are sure to find a whole lot of inspiration about what will suit you best, and which products will best suit your needs.