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Best Deals on Android Tablets

After being purchased by Google in 2005 and unveiled in 2007, the mobile operating system has gone to be the world's most popular mobile operating system. The android tablets have been the best-selling tablets in the world since 2013. With this device, the possibilities are endless. Android tablets are very much loved due to its simplicity and user friendly interface. They are compact powerful devices that varies in different sizes and type.

Choosing the Right Android Tablets

Everyone demands for a computer-like mobile devices in order to carry out daily tasks while some demand for gaming and multimedia purposes. Whatever your reason is for owning a tablet, it is better to choose the right tablet that comes with the basic features needed.

Screen Size: Generally, tablets are always 7inches and above. They are larger than the normal smartphones screen sizes.

Aspect Ratio: There are basically two aspect ratios for tablets – 4.3 and 16.9 aspect ratio.

Android version: This is the default mobile OS that runs on the tablet. There are different versions of android OS. The latest is the android marshmallow 6.0. There are other unique predecessor versions such as lollipop, kitkat, jelly bean and more.

Connectivity: There are two major connection options that must be present in every android tablets which are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth is used for sharing files and also pairing with mobile accessories that uses the same technology. The Wi-Fi is used to connect to wireless network majorly for surfing the web, streaming videos online, downloading files, and more. Other connection options include the HDMI port and cellular network.

Camera: New generation tablets come with both front and rear cameras. These cameras are used to capture exciting moments with family and friends. Also you can record video of those moments for future references and memory reminder.

Storage: This is also known as the internal memory of the tablet. It is the non-volatile unit where you store all your files, documents, pictures, songs, videos and more. It is usually denoted by Gigabyte. There are tablets that also support external storage memory mostly microSD cards.

Google Drive: This is Google cloud storage unit. You can upload important files on documents and can be accessed anywhere in the world. This helps increase the overall storage unit on the tablet. Definitely one of the perks of using an android tablet.

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