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Baby Safety

Baby safety is the act of making an environment safer for children. This is the same as childproofing and baby proofing. Normally baby safety covers areas such as restriction of children to safe areas and prevention of children from reaching or wandering towards unsafe areas. There are different areas of baby safety and some of them are:

Electrical safety: This is one of the most common concerns of child safety. Many child proofing devices exist which block access to the electrical outlets.

Water access: Drowning is one of the causes of unintentional deaths in among children and this can even occur in swimming pools. For child safety, parents can get a pool fence in order to ensure the safety of their children while at the swimming pool area. A pool fence is a safety barrier which completely blocks access to a swimming pool. It may be permanent or removable; it is mainly used to improve pool safety by preventing children from accidently falling into the pool and drowning.

Chemical Access: This involves keeping household supplies containing chemicals in out-of-reach latched cabinets. It this is not done, a child may ingest any of these products and suffer from poisoning.

Fire safety: For child safety, make sure to install smoke alarms on every level of your home.

Baby Safety Products

There are some items that are produced mainly with the aim of protecting babies and children from potential harms. Some of these items are listed below.

Child safety seat: This item is sometimes referred to as infant safety seat or restraining car seat. Child safety seats are seats designed specifically to protect children from injury or death during car collisions. These seats provide passive restraints and should be properly used to ensure effectiveness.

Child safety lock: This is a special-purpose lock for cabinets, drawers, bottles and some household appliances which is designed to help prevent children from getting at any dangerous item. Child safety locks can also be built into the rear doors of cars in order to prevent rear seat passengers from opening the doors both when on transit and when the car is stationery.

Safety gates: A safety gate is used to help prevent a child from accessing an area of a house. Areas such as the stair case, kitchen, laundry room, etc should be blocked to children using safety baby gates.

Play pen: This is a piece of furniture designed as a small enclosure in which a baby or young child can play safely alone without constant supervision.

Baby Safety Tips

• Inside the home, the bathroom and the bathtub are an area for water safety concern. Parents should never leave any water in the bathtub after they have finished a bath session as only a small amount of standing water can create a scenario for drowning when left unattended.
• Never carry your baby in your lap while driving a car.
• Never put a baby in the front passenger seat of your car especially if your car has airbags.
• Always make sure to leave something of importance like your cell phone, handbag, etc at the back seat where your baby is. This way, you will get into the habit of checking your backseat before you leave your car and this will reduce the chances of your baby being left trapped in the car.
• If you use an infant carrier, make sure to always place it on the floor and never on a counter or tabletop. Make sure to always strap your baby in when you place him/her in the carrier.
• Never hold hot liquids while holding or carrying your baby.
• Eliminate table clothes that can easily be pulled from the table.