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Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Every baby deserves to be loved and giving gifts to them is one of the ways in which we as parents or loved ones can show them how much we love them. We can also help these babies in their journey to growth and development by getting them important items that can help foster their development. You can also get personalized baby gifts. When buying gifts for babies and toddlers, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

• At age one and below, babies are still in the stage of development where they enjoy playful activities which involve sensory exploration, repetition and challenge. Therefore, getting them gift items such as safe toys that they can use to explore and learn about the world around them would be a great idea. Examples of items in this category would be blocks, age appropriate balls for throwing and catching, etc.
• Between 12-18 months, a child begins to get involved in pretend plays where he or she begins to imitate the actions of adults such as cooking in a kitchen, taking care of a baby, pretending to do house chores like washing or sweeping the floor, etc. You may decide to get a baby in this age a prop which can be used for these pretend plays such as a complete kitchen set toy, a dining set toy for a tea party, a doll, etc.
• Growing up, children will begin to understand that objects come in different colours, shapes, sizes, etc. At this point, you could get these children drawing books and materials, Lego toys, etc.
• Note that every child is unique and develops in his or her own pace. When buying a gift for a child, try to study or know his or her preferences. A three-year old girl may wish for a Barbie doll while another one year old girl may prefer a teddy bear or a musical instrument.

Items You Can Gift to a Baby or Toddler

Books: This is a great idea as gifting books to children help them in their development phase. Make sure to get age-appropriate books.

Toys: When getting toys for a child, make sure to get safe toys and age-appropriate toys. Moreover, get toys which would help educate and develop the child.

Games: Puzzle games, computer games and the likes is a great gift item for babies and toddlers.

Musical instrument: It would be great to get a musical instrument for a child who is already taking certain music lessons.

Clothing items: Shoes, clothes, accessories, school bags, and many more. The list here is endless; you will never be at loos of what to get.

Where to Get Baby and Toddler Gift Sets Online

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