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When shopping for bedcovers and sheets on Jumia Market Nigeria there are some general guidelines for buying bedspread and bed linen for your bed. While buying deciding on the material is the most important task, however, it depends on your personal preference. While cotton is breathable and cotton-poplin is light, there is cotton-polyester that is wrinkle free but not as cool as cotton. But what about Egyptian cotton sheets, it is the most luxurious material for bed sheets that is extra soft and at the same time durable. Apart from material you should look for sheets that have at least 200 thread count or more. However, opting for bedcovers and sheets that have 300 to 400 thread counts are soft and very beautiful. Some other beautiful accessories for your home furnishing such as a pillowcase made from silk are also worth considering that gives comfortable sleep during winter. Whether you are buying a bed sheet or a duvet it is important that you take care of it properly so that they can last long. Washing bedcovers and sheets with hot water and over drying them in a high heat causes the material to shrink or even expand. If you are shopping for bedcovers and sheets there are various sheets available on Jumia Market Nigeria, through which you can buy a perfect bed sheet according to your budget.

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To give your bed a neat clean look you must have proper knowledge of the length and measurement of your bed and cushion. Although it may sound silly, but if you are thinking that after buying a stunning, tempting bed sheet you will tuck in the dangling part brilliantly and your guest won't notice it, this is one of the biggest blunders you are about approach. Before buying bedcovers for beds, divan bed, bunk bed, single or double bed, you must determine the width, length and elevation of the mattress. Often it happens, that a particular bed linen appears beautiful and matching to your bed but when you return home, the same bed linen will emerge dreadfully mismatching. Therefore, to avert such hassles and harassment you must take a proper measurement of your bed and be aware of the amount of material that will cover it up. The next factor to take note of, determining the feel you are searching to have, if you are fond of a slippery smooth, satin surface or like pliable cotton or seeking the intrinsic warmth of flannel sheets Jumia Market Nigeria has a vast collection for you. Regardless of what kind of bedspread you are looking for or what duvet covers you are thinking of gifting, Jumia Market Nigeria has an innovative new range of bed linens and comforters for varying price choice.