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Bedding accessories such as bed skirts, canopies, pillows, duvet covers, and more help to accentuate your room decoration. Updating your bedding with the right accessories is a good way to give your bedroom an instant makeover.

Having throw pillows on your bed is classy. Apart from beautifying the bed, they also serve as cuddling buddies. Putting two or more toss pillows that match your bed sheet can be appealing. Soft throw pillows are fun to embrace.

Bed curtains are also called canopies and are popular among ladies. Canopies are thin layers of see-through curtain which create a flow shape; they are usually hung over the bed. Bed curtains serve as mosquito net, protecting you from mosquito bites and as a decorative piece.

Bed skirts also known as dust ruffles are charming pieces that adds sophistication to your bedroom. They are fashionable decorative coverings- ruffled, laced or solid that hangs to the floor from the bed and can be used to hide whatever is kept under the bed.

Duvets are thick, warm cover ups that add a bit of fluffiness to your room. You can mix-match the colors and patterns to complement the entirety of your room's design. Why not try combining boring plains with edgy patterns to liven up the mood?

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