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Main effects : Thailand Pueraria , sunflower orange fruit extract, green papaya . Contain multiple nutrients vegetarian,
Enhance the chest skin firm , supple elasticity giving careful ! Can effectively promote the secretion of female hormones ,
Strengthen the lymphatic and blood circulation stimulation , increased thymus cell activation and chest sponge cell growth, but also make the skin soft, tight !
Natural plant ingredients more safe and secure !

For skin : Suitable for all skin types , especially in the chest or a small crowd of parents who want to Bust !
The proposed purchase of two bottles of continuous use, your breasts will be significantly increasing effect, buy now,
Name: Breast cream
Ingredients: Pueraria plant extracts, vitamin E, vitamin C, ginseng, angelica motherwort, safflower, collagen, etc.

Efficacy: rapid activation of breast cells, promote blood circulation and nutrient uptake to achieve rapid effect of breast, promote the development of the second breast, breast fullness and flexible

How to use:
1. Take the right amount of breast cream in the palm, finger with both
hands, circled around the entire breast,3 seconds per stop, a total of 20 times,
2. hands open, pressed down by cleavage parallel respectively,Until the breast periph ery,
3. 8-word line between the breasts to do massage, to the essence until absorbed by the skin
Proposed purchase 4 bottles continued use, it allows you you become more beautiful and charming, buy now pay, free gifts

Breast principle:
Skin vitality elements - delicate plant hormones breast cream :
Plant hormones is a plant growth hormone (N6-furfury plant hormones is a plant growth hormone
(N6-furfury ladenine), in medical research shows that it has the same effect in human cells , can be activated dermal tissue
Fibroblasts, delaying cell aging. Plant hormones into the body into hormone . More effective against breast fibroblasts
Activation, dilation of blood vessels , improve blood circulation so that the breast is also full day . Compared to other plant hormones also have wrinkles advantages
No irritation, but also to achieve the effectiveness of old age wrinkles while increasing skin's own moisturizing ability , the skin becomes smooth and soft ,
More young and healthy . But the effect is not what can be displayed , and to stick with ( generally four weeks --- six weeks ) .

Breast efficacy broadly divided into three stages:
1-2 days feeling chest pain ----- strong anti- sag
7-9 days to absorb the effect of good , there is a sense --------- continued to increase significantly increased stage
20 days -30 days breasts firm and elastic
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