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A blender which is also called liquidizer is a small ,kitchen appliance used to crush and mix food substance together. A blender can do the following:

  • Blend ice cream, milk, and other sweet sauces to make milkshakes
  • Crush ice and mix ice in cocktails or smoothies
  • Emulsify food and other substance
  • Reduce small solids such as spices and seeds to powder
  • Blend substance thoroughly into liquids

The best blenders feature the following:

A tight-fitting lid: A tight fitting lid is essential to avoid splattering. Many blenders do not pass this test. Also, the light should be easy to take off and put on.

A stable base: Generally, blenders are quite noisy. Liquidizers that make a lot of noise tend to be wobbly and this is a limitation of efficiency. This means that they take a longer time to blend. A blender with a stable base will have a low noise rate.

Easy to Cleanup: Some blenders can be easily cleaned with water while some are suitable for dishwasher. Avoid blenders that have to be hand-washed because you are prone to getting your hand cut by the blade.

Versatility: Some blenders are so strong that they can be used to crush almost anything while others have limitation. If you want to buy a blender for single tasks, get cheap ones with little features. If you want your blender to perform many functions such as mixing, chopping, crushing and other, get the best blender you can afford.

A good warranty: The standard warranty for a blender is a year but heavy duty blenders have more than that. Sometimes, the warranty is determined by how much they cost.

Types of Blenders

Like most household appliances, blenders come in different shapes and sizes to suit different food preparation needs. Common types are single, full size, hand blender and frozen drink maker.

Single-serve blenders – this type are great for making smoothies. Especially if you like taking them as breakfast, some models come with a cup; the liquidizer blends the substance directly into the portable cup which you easily take and drink on the go. The pitcher for this blender is 8 to 20-oz.

Full-size blenders This type has a large pitcher of about 48- to 72-oz. they are useful for blending drinks for large families. Soups, salsas, puddings and other delights can be mixed in this blender. A high-performance one can liquefy hard substance. The downside is that a more powerful blender can produce disturbing noise.

Hand blenders: Also called immersion blenders, they are lightweight and are easy to store. This type of blender is used for mixing substance directly inside a bowl. Also, they can replace your mixer or food processor especially when you want to mix in small quantities.

Frozen drink makers: These are powerful specialized blenders. They are used to crush ice into certain drinks such as smoothies, snow cone, cocktail drinks and more. Some type of frozen drink makers come with multiple pitchers.