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Books, DVDs, music and games – all form an integral part of modern entertainment and knowledge sharing. On Jumia Market, we have in stock all categories of books, DVDs, Music CDs and games. We are a one-stop online store dealing in an extensive range of books and DVDs. In the books section, you will find an array of books that includes comic books, children's books, travel books, science fiction books, poem books, bestselling novels, dictionaries, encyclopedias and a lot more. In the DVDs sections, you will again be treated to a range of compulsive collection of DVDs including the latest movies, the best albums, golden music collections and games CDs. We sell DVDs that have passed rigorous quality checks and score high on audio and visual quality.

Be it software DVDs, kids' music CDs or the latest Hollywood releases, you find the best of all on Jumia Market. We are also your best bet if you are on a lookout for computer Games CDs. Right from the vintage games that sent the cyber lovers into frenzy to the latest computer games CDs that demand high configuration from systems. If you are a music lover, Jumia Market presents to you a wide range of options. You may shop for the golden hits or you may also visit our latest-releases shelf to buy yourself popular records from known artistes in Nigeria and the world.

Revive Your Reading: Buy Books on Jumia Market

Choosing among a range of different books, DVDs, music and games can at times be a tricky job. You might know the type of music you want to listen to but you may be addled by the variety of singers that lend their voices to the same genre. Similarly, you might have an idea about the type of book that you want your kid to read through, but you are at sixes and sevens over the choice of the writer. Imperatively, the same applies for other books like comic books and science fiction novels. Even if you need to have some of the latest collection in rock music singles, you will find several available options at our site. This can at times make it difficult for you to make a wise decision on the piece that will you're your taste the best. Here, you will be pleased to know the number of reviews and author ratings that you will find against each product on Jumia Market. If you happen to stop by a particular book that has been released a while back, you may want to read through what other buyers' reviews before going ahead with the purchase.

Wondering why you have to buy your DVDs on Jumia Market? There are a number of substantial reasons for you to shop right on Jumia Market. Our platform is a place where you will find that we stock every category of books, music CDs, Movie DVDs and Games CDs that you may think of - it's a wide variety of collection. In order to streamline your online shopping experience Jumia Market offers you the same product from multiple sellers, so that you always have the advantage of striking the right deal that will favor you. Be it for yourself or a gift for a loved one, our classic romance novel collections on Jumia Market are best sellers globally and there are educative ones too as well as informative ones. We also present you with the option to take home that little bit extra through our seasonal discounts and sales. Every product that we sell on Jumia Market is backed by the trust that you have invested in us over the years. Shop for books, DVDs, Music and games on Jumia Market and enjoy the unique experience of browsing through our website.

Books for Every Age

Buy story books for kids and interesting cartoons on DVDs like Pocahontas, Power rangers and Batman to catch the attention of your kids and sustain their interest. You will find other popular cartoons characters in comic books available here on Jumia Market for the pleasure of your children. Are you a movie or music buff? There you go! You will be spoilt for choice to go through our wide range of movies on sale like the no other online shopping malls will make available to you. While we sell everything from books to music and to DVDs, we advise that you take your time to carefully browse through our collection and be sure to select the exact product you want to buy and wait as we help follow up on the order and get it delivered to you. Interesting books, exciting game CDs for game lovers such as PS Vita Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Grand theft auto, Hitman are available on sale, blockbusters movies on DVDs are also available on our website so you better get yourself ready to shop until you drop on Jumia Market.

Entertainment for All

Entertainment is part of what makes the world colourful and fun filled. It ranges from TV shows to concerts. It is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. It can also be an event, activity or occasion designed to entertain people. No matter how stressful your day has been, a little entertainment can refresh you, make you laugh, and feel relaxed. There are different forms of entertainment such as Banquets, Music, Games, Reading, Comedy, Performance, Storytelling, Theatre, Cinema and film, Dance, Circus, Magic, Street performance, Parade, Fireworks, Sports, and more. The experience of being entertained has come to be strongly associated with amusement, so that one common understanding of the idea is fun and laughter, although many entertainments have a serious purpose. This may be the case in the various forms of ceremony, celebration, religious festival, or satire for example. Hence, there is the possibility that what appears as entertainment may also be a means of achieving insight or intellectual growth. Entertainment can be public or private, involving formal, scripted performance, as in the case of theatre or concerts; or unscripted and spontaneous, as in the case of children's games. Most forms of entertainment have persisted over many centuries, evolving due to changes in culture, technology, and fashion.