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Types of Cabinets

A cabinet is a type of furniture with enclosed shelves which is usually made from materials like wood, metal or plastic. They are used at home, offices and generally can be found anywhere and they are used for storing things. Some cabinets come with doors or drawers. When it comes to cabinets, you can classify them in three distinct groups.
Shop built or custom cabinets: These cabinets are the types built in carpenters' workshops and they are built on request.

Semi-custom cabinets: This type of cabinet is partly stock and partly custom-built. In this case, you send your orders to a well-known furniture company and send them your designs and they make it for you. These cabinets are made with great finishing touches and they look like store-bought cabinets.

Stock or production cabinets: These are ready-made cabinets which you buy from stores or showrooms. They are mass produced and available in fixed sizes and prices. They are made with high quality, durable materials and finishing.
Generally, there are three broad categories of cabinets.
Base cabinets: These rest on the floor and they support a countertop. They are usually 2"-36" tall. These are the types of cabinets which you can place a countertop dispenser and other smaller kitchen appliances.

Wall cabinets: These are usually made to be hung on the wall and they are usually 12"-18" deep. They come in heights from 12" to 42". They are ideally installed 18" above countertops, 54" above the floor and 24" above the cooker.

Tall cabinets: They are an accepted choice for pantries; they can be 84"-94" tall and they come in depths of 12" to 18". They are used to store a number of things like mops, appliances and many others.
A lot of times, apart from the functionality of cabinets, people also get them for decorative purposes. Some people may prefer a glass cabinet for this purpose while others may choose wood cabinets but with well decorated doors and drawers.

Where to Buy Storage Products and Cabinets

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