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Cameras are optical devices used for capturing precious moments with friends, families and loved one. There is no better way to keep such a digital copy of memorable events, parties, and occasions than with cameras. Cameras go beyond taking only pictures, they are also used for video recording. In every cameras, the clarity and sharpness of images are most dependent on the megapixels of the camera. The higher the megapixels, the clearer and sharper the image quality. There are very much other features of the cameras that help play important role in the quality of the image captured or video recorded by the optical device.

Choosing the Right Camera

There are several types of cameras that are available for different purposes. Depending on what you intend using a camera for will help tell you which camera to go for. If you need a camera to act as security, it is logical to note that a digital camera can't perform such operation hence the need for a surveillance camera comes into play. The different types of cameras available are

Digital Cameras: These are photography cameras that are used by professional photographers to capture images. These type of cameras are used mainly for taking pictures than recording videos even though they have the video recording feature. These images can be accessed by connecting it to a computer system.

DSLR: This is an abbreviation for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. These are optic devices that use the mechanism of a single lens with a digital imaging sensor instead of a photographic film. There are several differences between the DSLR cameras and other digital cameras which are DSLR works well in area of low light composition, the reflex design of the DSLR is far better than the digital cameras, and the viewfinder is also different.

Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance Cameras give you that general footage of the areas where the cameras are installed. Not just allowing you view them but you can view more than 2 places simultaneously and also record what is going on and save in the archive incase there is a need to review any security issues on a particular day and time. Most surveillance cameras are connected a system in the control room where you can view and access any video footage you desire. Now with the new sets of surveillance cameras, you can connect to with and view video footage on real time on your tablets and smartphones. This make it easier to monitor your surveillance video footage.

Webcams: These are cameras used to make video calls over the internet. Some are in-built with the system or device they come with while others are attachable webcams. The attachable ones make use of USB connection. Once plugged into the port, it automatically installs the driver, after that it is ready for use. With webcams, you can stay connected to friends and family around the world.

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