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Computer accessories are peripheral devices that helps to increase the operation and function of the PC or laptop to maximum capability. They are also called computer peripherals. They help bring out the optimum ability of your computer system. Depending on which system you own whether it is a PC or a laptop, there are several important accessories that can be used with the PC or laptop.

Choosing the Right Computer Peripherals

Ranging from small accessories such as computer mouse to large accessories such as speakers, there are thousands of several computer accessories that you can choose from.

Keyboards: Computer keyboards are an input devices for inputting data into the computer system. They are made up of keys that contain alphabets, numbers, and symbols on them. They are one of the three basic part of every computer system. Aside using the keyboard to type, it can also be used to navigate to different folders on the system. They also have combination of keys for shortcuts that are very useful when working on the system. There are different types of keyboards such as standard keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, flexible keyboards, and laptop keyboards.

Computer Mouse: A computer mouse is an input device that is most often used to control the cursor on the screen o every system. The mouse is moved along a flat surface preferably mousepad and the cursor responds to the user's movement. You can navigate through files and folders, basic operations such as copy, cut, and paste. There are different types and shapes of mouse that can be selected from. They are of two types – wired computer mouse and wireless computer mouse.

RAM: This is known as Random Access Memory. They are volatile and temporarily storage unit present in every PCs and laptops. They work alongside the microprocessor in the system. The processor stores temporary programs and operations in the RAM while multitasking. The larger your RAM size, the more operations that can be run simultaneously by your system. RAM are usually measured in Gigabyte.

Speakers: Speakers are the hardware part of your PC or laptop sound system. They are important accessories that brings out sound from every operation carried out on the system such as listening to music, watching a movie, tones from every commands carried out and more. They are of different types – wired and wireless speakers.

Bags: These are also known as laptop bags. They are used to carry laptops from one place to another. They are of different types and sizes. Depending on how big or small your laptop is, you are sure to get the perfect bag fit for it.

Batteries: Laptop batteries are used to provide backup power to the laptop in situations where there is power outage. Different brands of laptop come with different shapes and capacity of laptops. Since these batteries are rechargeable, they can't work forever. They will always need replacement after a long period of time. It is very important to note the battery brand and capacity before replacing them.

Chargers: These are delicate laptop accessories. They are used to power the computer system. When shopping for chargers, you need to check the voltage rating of the charger to avoid getting the wrong charger which can eventually lead to damaging the motherboard.

Where to Buy Computer Accessories in Nigeria?

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