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Cuisine Drink Mixer & Blender - 17 Piece Set

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The 17 piece Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Mixer & Blender is the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. Included are four spill proof 16 oz cups that feature foam grips to ensure that you hang on to your beverage while you are on the move. You can also use the small grinder cup to shred cheese with ease, grind coffee beans, or dice vegetables to make fresh chunky salsas.
How to use your blender
Chopping and Blending:
Ensure the product is unplugged from the electrical outlet.
Place the Base on a flat, level, stable surface.
Fill the Small Cup or the Large Cup with the food that you wish to chop/blend.
Screw the Flat Blade assembly or Cross Blade assembly clockwise onto the Small or Large Cup until secure.
Turn the Chopper Cup Assembly upside down so that the Blade assembly is on the bottom. Attach the assembled Chopper by aligning the three tabs on the outside of the Small or Large Cup with the three notches on the top inner edge of the Base.
Plug the product into a standard 120-volt AC electrical outlet.
Each Cup Assembly has three small tabs which fit into three grooves on the top lip of the Base. Press down on the Cup Assembly firmly and turn it counter-clockwise to lock into place. Press and hold the Power Pulse switch to operate. To prevent product overheating, limit continuous operation to five seconds at a time. The Cup Assembly MUST be locked in order to operate.
To stop processing, simply let go of the Power switch. Wait until the Blades stop completely before removing the Cup Assembly by turning it clock-wise to unlock it from the Base.
Unplug the product from the electrical outlet when it is not in use or is left unattended.
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