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Décor is a rather important thing to consider when moving into a new home or refurbishing an old one. Decoration is the beautiful art of furnishing or adorning a space or room with beautiful things like sculptures, paintings, wallpaper and even flowers. This is because living in a home that is beautifully decorated and where everything is organized gives room for air to come in, and the whole space would always look refreshing and inviting.

Decorating a space where someone would be staying has to do a lot with the personality of the person; this is the reason why interior decorators would always make their research about who they are designing for. But even without an interior decorator, it is possible to achieve the theme you want for your home all by yourself, or with a little help from people you don't have to pay so much money to.

One of the first things to put at the back of your mind when redecorating or decorating a new place is that all the clutter has to go. Get rid of the old stuff! Every one of it. Keeping old things that you most likely won't be using anymore doesn't give room for new and refreshing things to come in. When decorating your home, you should also have the following in mind:

• The space and the part of the home you're decorating.
• You should have a theme already planned out.
• You should plan your decoration and arrangement in a way that there is still enough light entering the home. A well lit room gives off a cheerful and healthy vibe.
• Your furniture should be well arranged, and if the space is small, try to keep away from too much furniture, so that the space doesn't begin to look tight. Space is a very important factor to consider when decorating.
• Go for curtains that have colors that suit your theme. It is safer when you choose colors that have the same color range with your furniture, and the paint on your wall.

Room decoration varies, according to the purpose for that particular space. The way you would decorate your kids' room would not be the way you would decorate an adult's. This is because a kids' room would probably be very colorful and filled with toys, unlike a room where adults would stay, which would be decorated with slightly cooler colors. And of course, a living room would be decorated with light colors. Kitchens and bathrooms have their own themes too for decoration.

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