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The invention of the computer system is one of the greatest achievement and technological breakthrough man has ever achieved. The importance of this invention can't be undermined from the first day. The Desktop computer is a useful electronic device in every home and office. It is basically used for inputting data, processor the data and displays the result as output. Everyone has one need or the other for a desktop computer. It is a good home electronic devices for working on assignments, connecting to the internet to stream videos, watch movies, stream music, and more. Also for sending and receiving emails. In situations where you can't finish your work at the office, you can always bring it home to work on your desktop PC. For kids in the house, it is the perfect way to get them familiar with the computer system. The Desktop is made up of three important parts which are monitor, CPU, and keyboard. These three are the main parts but it comes with more than these three parts. There are other peripheral accessories accompanied with it such as mouse, speakers, and more. Organizations make use of desktop PCs too to carry out daily tasks and meet set goals and objectives.

Choosing the Right Desktop PC

There are several brands of desktop computers available to choose from. It is important to get familiar with the important specifications to lookout for when shopping for the perfect PC. These are
Desktop Brands: There are several top manufacturers of desktops in the world. Some brands are household names already that is, they are trusted and tested. Some of the top brands include HP, Dell, Acer, Apple, Samsung, and more. Once you know which brand your prefer, you can proceed to check other features

Processor: This is also known as the microprocessor. It is the main heart of the CPU that helps carry out operations and execute instructions. The speed of the processor matters a lot when choosing a suitable PC. It is usually measured in Gigahertz. For a good PC with minimum requirement, a processor speed of 2.5GHz and Quad-core is okay for home and office use.

RAM: This is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. This is a volatile memory in the computer system that helps store programs and instructions temporarily. It loses data once the PC is turned off. When you boot your system, the OS is loaded into the RAM along which any other operation carried out by the processor. The RAM is measured in Gigabytes. For a minimum desktop PC requirement, a 4GB RAM and above is okay.

Hard Drive: This is the main storage unit of the computer system. It is non-volatile compared to the random access memory. Several programs are loaded into the HDD including the operating system. You can also store important files and documents in the hard disk drive. It is usually denoted by Gigabyte. It is important to note that the higher the size of the HDD, the more files and data you can store in it. For a minimum desktop computer, a 500GB HDD is okay. There are several other important features such as Ethernet card, Wi-Fi, Video cards, Ports such as USB ports, HDMI port, and more.

Where to Buy Desktop PC in Nigeria

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