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Different Hair Types you did not know

Weaves are such an important part of every woman's life, it is almost a prerequisite for being a woman and with the rate at which things are evolving it is quite important to know the nitty gritty of different hair types. We are at a point where you are either wearing natural hair or weaves that are in vogue which range from wigs to Lace closure, but the question at hand is do you know your hair types?

How about you sit and let us educate you, here are the different types:

A lot of people would say they do not see much is a difference between the two said smartphones, apart from the S6 being a bit bigger in size than the S6 Edge, which is hardly noticeable, so why should they get the more expensive one? Before you decide to jump into conclusions and just purchase any of them, how about we give you more insights on both phone's functionality.

These are some of the specifications we have below:

1.   Hair Type 1 Straight Hair

This is basically the everyday hair, whenever you think Indian beauty, that slick long straight hair comes to mind. The type 1 hair falls in subcategories:

Straight Hair Number 1

Hair Type 1A:


This hair type is baby fine and the representation of straight hair in the 1A category. The idea of the hair to be straight, so any attempt to curl the hair ends up being futile, which makes it difficult to style any look that involves curls.

Straight Hair Number 2

Hair Type 1B:

This hair type is usually straight hair wit slight curl at the tip, it is not particularly curly but can be achieved with a spray curl before using the straightening Iron.

Straight Hair Number 3

Hair Type 1C:

This hair Category focuses on straight hair with a few waves, it is super thick and prone to frizz. This hair type retains curls and a smoothing serum to keep the curls in check is all you need to perfect this.

2.   Hair Type 2 Wavy Hair

This is the perfect blend of both straight and Curls and is the dream of every girl because it is not too curly to maintain and not too straight to style.

Wavy Hair Number 1

Hair Type 2A:


This hair type is the perfect hair type, easy to just get up from bed and still rock your hair is style, there is always a bend in each strand and there is also the option to straighten the hair if you choose to go for a more slick style. If you would rather go for the wavy style then a curling iron will easily do the trick.

Wavy Hair Number 2

Hair Type 2B:

This Curly hair style can be retained with just your fingertips a mousse and a diffuser. It is important to not touch the hair too often in other to retain the curls.

Wavy Hair Number 3

Hair Type 2C:

Just Picture Big bouncy hair and you are good to go! It is a lot more wavs, that are thicker with sporadic curls. Moisture, Finger Styling and a deep conditioner is all you need for this.

3.   Hair Type 3 Curly Hair

This is the perfect blend of both straight and Curls and is the dream of every girl because it is not too curly to maintain and not too straight to style.

Curly Hair Number 1

Hair Type 3A:


This Hair type is the perfect hair to give you different looks you are looking to go for, It also gives you the wavy streaks underneath.

Curly Hair Number 2

Hair Type 3B:

You get stretched-out spirals that fall on the shoulders. Leave in conditioners will make the perfect accessory to keep it bouncy. Make sure to style while still wet and allow it air dry.

Curly Hair Number 3

Hair Type 3C:

The 3C type of hair has the thickest hair, they are referred to as the corkscrew curls and come in tiny curls or huge curls.

4.   Hair Type 4 Coily Hair

This is the coarse, kinky hair type. It is the driest of all the hair type and due to its twists and texture type, it is harder to moisturise and maintain shine. It shrinks and prevents you from knowing the actual length.

Coily Hair Number 1

Hair Type 4A:


Filled with miniature curls, the hair shrinks to half its length when dry. Also comparable to little ringlets, the blow dryer and diffuser will help to stretch the curls.

Coily Hair Number 2

Hair Type 4B:

This Kinky hair type has evident shapes of Z and S especially when wet, requires products to retain the natural curl and avoid any kind of Frizz. Light gels and styling butters can do magic to the twists.

Coily Hair Number 3

Hair Type 4C:

This hair style is just a huge big fro that is difficult to get any kind of definition, because there is no kind of curl pattern which makes it harder to detangle.