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Dips and Spreads

A spread is a food that is literally spread with a knife onto food products such as bread, biscuits, etc. They are used as flavour enhancers and they are also used to enhance the texture of food. Spreads include dairy spreads such as cheese, creams, butter, etc; plant-derived spreads such as jams, jellies, etc; yeast spreads such as vegemite, etc; meat-based spread such as pate, etc. A dip on the other hand, is a condiment used for many types of food. They are also called dipping sauce and they are used to add flavour or texture to food. Unlike other sauces where the sauce is applied to the food; in the case of dips, the food is put, dipped or added into the dipping sauce. Dips are usually used for finger foods, appetizers and other easily held foods.

Types of Spreads

Spreads are mostly used on different types of bread and pastries. Most of these spreads are easy to make. There are different types of spreads and they are:

Cheese-based spreads: The base for this type of spread is usually cheese. Examples of cheese-based spreads are basil tomato cream, paprika cheese cream, etc.

Vegetarian and dairy free spread: These are plant based spreads and examples are tomato spread, herbed soy-yoghurt spread, apple, onion and walnut spread, jam, etc.

Sweet spreads: These are really great for breakfast and will be enjoyed with fresh bread. Examples are Nutella, jam, etc.

Meat and fish spreads: Examples are lard spread (from the fat of pigs), tuna spread, etc.

Benefits of Spreads

• Spreads have the capacity to turn bland food into nice meals.
• Spreads, especially butter contains a lot of fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, E and K2.
• A lot of spreads are a good source of fatty acids.
• Spreads are delicious and tasty.
• Spreads especially jams and jellies help provide energy and endurance during stress and exercises.

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