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Discover the Nutritional Content of Eggs

One of the things the body needs the most are nutrients. And nutrients can be gotten from a lot of sources. These days, there are supplements that one can use, but it does not change the fact that getting these nutrients from the natural source is the best. That is why it is always important to eat a balanced diet every time. A balanced diet contains all the six classes of food –carbohydrates, fats and oil, protein, water, minerals and vitamins- and go a long way in keeping the body looking good and working the way it should be.

One of the classes of food mentioned above is protein. It is agreed that every class of nutrients is required to have a complete diet, but what happens when you don't have enough protein in your body? Protein is great because it is used in every cell of the body and is the most important for building body mass, aiding in digestion of food and supporting neurological functions. It also helps to keep the metabolism running, gives the necessary energy boost and keeps the body's sugar levels stable.

There are different sources for which one can get protein, like fish and meat. But one the best and cheapest sources of protein is EGG. Eggs are gotten from chickens and other animals, but mostly from poultry, especially chicken. Eggs are actually developing embryo, and when they hatch, they become little chicks.

When it comes to getting high quality protein from a good source, eggs are your best bet. They are easy to get in large quantities. Some of the health benefits of eggs include:

• Egg nutrients are numerous. One boiled egg contains vitamin A, B5, B2, B6 and B12, and also calcium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium and folate.
• They are high in cholesterol, but they do not affect blood cholesterol in any adverse ways.
• Egg fat raise the high density lipoprotein in the body, also known as the good cholesterol.
• It contains choline. Most people do not know about this nutrient but it is a very vital addition to the body. It is used to build cell membranes and have a great role in producing signaling molecules to the brain.
• Eggs improve eye health. They powerful antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to build up the retina.
• They improve the chances of not having a heart disease or stroke, contrary to popular belief. They also are filling and tend to make one eat less calories, thereby losing weight eventually.

Eggs can be cooked in some many ways and this makes them a favorite amongst everyone; you do not have to eat them the same way all the time. Eggs made in different varieties have produced some great meals. They include:

• Scrambled eggs
• Poached eggs
• Omelets
• Egg salads
• Deviled eggs
• Curried eggs
• Eggnogs
• Hard boiled eggs
• Soft boiled eggs
• Baked eggs

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