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Electricity is the main source behind every household appliances. We power most of our appliances and equipment using electricity. The fact that the world needs electricity to survive which also makes it dangerous too if not well wired or protected. Most organizations can't function with electricity even without a means of generating it. Getting the right electrical supplies helps provide safety from electrical accident and also helps maximize the use of electricity. They are also the basic accessories used in wiring for protection, adjustment, and control of electrical circuits.

Choosing the Right Electrical Supplies

Depending on what you need, there are different electrical accessories one can choose from:

Surge Protectors: These are electrical appliances developed to protect electrical appliances from voltage spike. They tend to limit the voltage supplied to an appliance by either blocking or shorting excess voltage which is above the voltage safe threshold. It is high recommended to connect home appliances to surge protectors to prevent the voltage spike from damaging it. They also help to prevent electrical hazards which sometimes lead to fire outbreak.

Electrical Sockets: These are devices that allow appliances to be connect to AC power supply. They come sometimes come with in-built surge protectors and are of various types, voltage rating, current rating, and design.

Extension Boxes: These are appliances that are connect to sockets to provide more socket ports so that more appliances can be connected. They are useful in situations where by there is one wall socket available and you need to connect several electronic devices to power source. Extension boxes come in various shapes and designs. Some come with different types of ports. The plug of your electronic appliance is what determine the type of extension box you will get.

Inverters: These are electrical appliances that converts direct current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) which is used by electronic devices. All inverters come with batteries. This is what determines the total runtime of the inverter and also the amount of electronic devices connected to the inverter.

Light Bulbs: They are glass bulbs inserted into a lamp or socket which provide light by passing an electric current through a filament. Generally, they are used to produce light from electricity. They help in lighting up dark places. There are different type of light bulbs which are incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps, fluorescence and light-emitting diodes.

Where to Buy Electrical Fittings in Nigeria

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