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Best Facial Cleansers for All Kinds of Skin

The face is a very sensitive part of the body and one has to be extremely careful with whatever they apply on it to prevent breakouts of skin burns. One of the things applied on the face the most is makeup. Most people cannot go a day without applying makeup on their face and while this is not a bad thing, it is very important to get rid of it all at the end of the day. This is because makeup blocks the pores on the face and need to be cleaned out so the pores can get some air in them. Blocked pores could store bacteria under the skin, which is one of the many reasons why breakouts happen.

Sometimes, washing the face isn't enough to remove the makeup on the face. This is why one would need facial cleansing with the aid of a facial cleanser. A facial cleanser is a product specifically made to remove makeup , dead skin cells, oil and dirt on the face to help in unclogging the pores on the face, thereby preventing acne and pimples.

Due to the different kinds of skin people have, it is important to know what kind of cleanser works for one. Below is a list of the kinds of skin there are and what kind of cleanser should be used for them.

• Dry skin: like the name implies, this kind of skin doesn't provide enough moisture and oil for it, so it is dry, flaky and even itchy sometimes. People who have this kind of skin should avoid products that have alcohol and common chemicals in them because this could lead to further drying of the skin. Go for gentle cream cleansers with moisturizing benefits. If you are acne free, you can also try a cleansing oil.
• Oily skin: oily skin has large pores that produce excess oil on the skin, making them acne prone. People with this kind of skin would find gel formulas working better for them because these are very great for eliminating oil without stripping the skin.
• Normal skin: this is the best type of skin to have. Most kinds of facial cleansers, especially liquid cleansers would go well but it is still advisable to stay away from products that contain alcohol because they might be too harsh and burn the face.
• Sensitive skin: sensitive skin would most likely react to almost anything that isn't suitable for their face in the worst way, so one needs to be extremely careful with what they apply on them. It is usually advisable to use a basic cleanser and avoid products that have fragrances and preservatives in them.
• Combination skin: this kind of skin has the forehead, cheeks and nose area oily while the remaining parts of the face could be dry or normal. For this kind of skin, use a gentle, acne-fighting foam cleanser.

There are also antibacterial cleansers, mostly used by acne patients, acne cleansers to remove accumulated oil and mild cleansers, for people with normal skin who do not want to irritate the face.

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