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Genital Hygiene

Feminine sanitary products are also called feminine hygiene products which are personal care products used by women during menstruation, vaginal discharge, and for other functions related to the vulva. Examples of these products are feminine wipes, sanitary pads such as Always pad, pant liners, menstrual cup, feminine wash, tampon and more.

Genital hygiene is essential for preventing and spreading infections. Many women pay attention to genital hygiene some even become obsessed with it. It is not ideal to be obsessed; over cleaning your genital can harm them. The inside of the vagina has a natural balance substance that can spread when you wash your private part which can cause bacteria to enter and may develop into an infection. You can wash the inside of your private part on rare occasions.

The labia which are the external part can be cleaned with feminine wash once a day. To avoid the bacteria around the anus from spreading to the urethra or vagina, wash from your front genital to the back in a singular motion. Also, when bathing, the anus should be the last part to be washed.

During menstruation, the frequency of washing your genitals should not be increased so far you use the appropriate sanitary wear such as cups, pads and tampon.

There are two basic types of feminine sanitary products- external and internal. External sanitary supplies are sanitary napkins, pads, panty liners, wipes, feminine wash and more. Sanitary napkins and pads are placed on the crotch of your underpants in order to absorb your menstrual flow, pant liners are used to absorb discharge and wipes and wash are used for cleaning. Internal feminine sanitary supplies are tampons, menstrual cups, douche kits and some medications. Tampons and menstrual cup perform the same function as the pad but are inserted into vagina. Tampons are the most common type of internal protection. Douche kits are used for cleansing and they come with a water solution and a mini pump and are inserted.

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