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The Christmas Challenge: Find your perfect gifts

Find your perfect gifts on Jumia Market

Every year, Xmas knocks on your door with the same challenge: time to choose Christmas gifts to your family and close friends. This might seem like a simple task but what is at hand is being able to find the perfect gift for all your loved ones… once again! And suddenly what appeared to be an easy-peasy deal becomes a stressful to-do list.

When it's almost a month left until December 25th, it's easy to relax before the challenge that lies ahead. DO NOT BE FOOLED, there are some rules you cannot fail to comply:

  • There is no point repeating gifts from previous years

    Offering a pair of socks or the same old perfume is not something you do to people you love.

  • What counts is the intention

    Consider the reason why you're offering that person a gift. Christmas presents speak for themselves, so think carefully whether your gift will be able to speak to the heart.

Find all your Christmas gifts on Jumia Market!

The good news this Christmas is that you can rely on Jumia Market to find unique gifts for your family and friends. Browse all our sellers' pages and be amazed by all the gift ideas unfolded. This isn't the whole story! This is only the beginning of our comprehensive list of suggestions for Christmas 2015. Check out all the deals available on Jumia Market and let your imagination fly as you prepare your own selection of foolproof gifts.

Jumia Market has pretty much everything you need when listing your gift ideas for Xmas. Visit each section quietly without running around like crazy or waiting in endless queues. Discover the best products in fashion, mobile phones, tablets, computers, jewelry, watches, perfumes, books and many more!

How to prepare your Xmas gift list

During your visit, the best way not to lose the track of any offer is to create a favorites list. Just sign in to your Jumia Market account and you'll be ready to save the products you like the most. Use the search filters on the left navigation menu of each category to sort items according to what you need: brand, size, color or any other feature you're thinking.

Once you have your gift list ready, all that's left is 4 simple steps to finish your Christmas shopping. Buying online on Jumia Market could not be easier! So easy in fact, that you can even do it from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. Download the Jumia Market mobile app and assemble this year's Christmas gifts, anytime and anywhere!

Now is the time to accept the challenge to find and purchase unique, unforgettable and nothing but perfect gifts!