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Check Out a List of Types of Fish you Can Find on Jumia Market

Fish is one of the most important kinds of food , because of all the nutrients it comes packed with. It is a delicious food found in the water, caught and cooked in different ways, but still providing the body with the endless vitamins and minerals it needs to function well. Technically defined, "fish is a limbless, cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water." But that aside, fish has a wonderful taste that has earned it a high spot on some of the things people love to eat the most.

There are different types of fish, some of which are very edible and popular among chefs and of course, people who eat them. Some of the kinds of fish we absolutely love include:

• Catfish: the catfish species is a scaleless, freshwater fish that has whisker like antenna extended from its mouth. It has limited bones in it. It has a mild taste and is very delicious, especially when cooked with the right spices and at the right temperature. Catfish can be grilled, boiled, fried or baked.
• Tilapia: tilapia can be classified as both a freshwater and saltwater fish, with an outer flesh ranging in colors from black with white shading to pinkish red. They reproduce fast, which makes them a good option for commercial purposes of rearing fish. They are also mildly sweet in flavor, like the catfish. They are can be grilled, fried or steamed.
• Mackerel: mackerel is a member of the tuna family. It has an oily, soft and pale flesh that is also pink sometimes. When cooked, the skin becomes firm and flaky and changes to an off white color. The flavor of the fish varies with the oiliness of it.
• Sardine: this is a small and young saltwater fish that has soft edible bones, often found in the Mediterranean. It has a silver color with a dark colored rich flavored flesh. They are generally canned in soy or olive oil.
• Trout: another freshwater fish, it ranges from white to pink or orange color and has a mildly rich taste. It has a flaky texture when cooked and can be prepared by broiling, grilling, frying or baking.

There are so many reasons why people eat fish. Some prefer it to meat because it is soft and easier to chew, but more importantly, the health benefits of eating fish include:

• It contains nutrients: although some fish have more nutrients than others (fatty fish is considered healthiest), fish has vitamins and minerals and is a great source of protein.
• Lowers risk of heart diseases: eating fish reduces risk of one having a stroke or a heart attack, which happen to be two of the world's biggest killers. It is better to eat fatty fish because it contains a lot of omega-3, which is good for the health of the heart.

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