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Even though wearing heels are stylish, most women prefer wearing flat shoes. It is essential to pair up the shoes with proper costumes to get an effective look. When it comes to comfort, beating flats is very difficult. Nowadays several celebs are flaunting flat shoes while walking on red carpet. You can avail flat shoes in different patterns and styles. Some flats come with buckles, ribbons, sequins, bows etc. Jumia Market Nigeria presents you a disparate range of women flats and ladies shoes matching your style preferences. Particularly in summer, you can choose from flat shoes and high heel shoes that widely vary in colors and styles. Light colored flats go well with jeans and skirts. You may also find lots of wedge shoes and Italian shoes on Jumia Market Nigeria. However, if you are looking to get some real comfort and colour, you should pick a pair of women's African print flats on Jumia Market. If a shoe has low heels, it doesn't mean it is out of fashion. Even though flats will not be great plus for formal occasions, they will surely be a great hit on occasions where one wants to roam casually. Some of the flats that are in vogue include leather flats, Bridal flats, Lace flats etc from brands like Alba, Aldo, Bakers, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein and Espirit. Leather flats usually come in dark colors. They are a onetime investment. You can pair them with both formals and casuals. It's always better to avoid wearing leather shoes when it is raining, because there are chances for it to get ruined. The bridal and lace flats are classy and divine. They are very comfortable and perfect for outdoor weddings.

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Women are well oriented when it comes to shopping. Today women can find a variety of shoes in irrespective shapes, sizes colours and price range. Each flat shoe has unique style and it can be used in different occasions. Wearing a beautiful pair of shoes, would certainly give a great impact to ones personality. Lively colours and excellent designs would surely do wonders. There are some of important factors that are to be considered while choosing flats. Some include: style, comfortable, occasion etc. Using a low heel shoes on different situations like shopping, funeral would make a person look cool and comfortable. One can also choose wearing flats for casual outing. For special events, going for strapped flats would give a unique look. Flip flops are the best when worn in summers. One can look cute and adorable with laced up flats. Choosing strappy flats that are bright in colour would give a great look. Embellished flats would give a modern and classy look. They are ideal to be worn with any kind of outfit. To make flats an enticing by, several designers add a touch of sequins and printing in it. It is very essential to choose these kinds of flats carefully. As they are to be treated with care, it's better to use them occasionally. Online shopping would help women to choose from a wide variety of shoes. Many women prefer buying branded flat shoes so that they can wear the best choice of foot wear. Since flats are a good footwear option, they allow air to reach your feet easily. Jumia Market helps women to decide on the best flats.