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Food storage is the process of keeping food in a way that it does not get sour or spoilt. Even before modern equipment, tools and appliances for preserving food, like the refrigerator, were made, preservation and storing of food has been done in different ways by our forefathers. Some of the popular ways in which food was being preserved, and is still used in some places, include:
Drying: this is the oldest method of keeping food from going bad. Basically, it is a process that lets you expose the food to high temperatures that are just enough to remove the moisture from the food, but not actually cook it.
Canning: this is the process of applying heat to food that is sealed in a jar so as to destroy any microorganisms that can cause food going bad. During the canning process, air is driven from the jar and a vacuum is formed as the jar cools and seals.
Freezing food: most foods can be frozen at the peak of their freshness. Packing the food well (wrapping the food tightly) is the secret to keeping the food from going bad and even if sometimes, it gets a bit damaged, it might not hurt the tummy, but it would definitely taste bad. Also make sure the freezer isn't overfilled and to make sure air circulates properly in the freezer.

Nowadays, food can be preserved and stored in more diverse ways. The era where fish and other raw foods had to be dried before they could be kept without any fear of spoiling has gone now. It is easy to store food in containers now.

Some ways to store foods in containers include

• Plastic food containers: foods like grains can be stored in plastic containers without any fear of pests getting into them.
• Food flasks: food flasks and lunch boxes can be used to store hot cooked food and keep it warm and fresh until the person needs to consume it.
• Water bottles and flasks: these can be used to store hot or cold water, depending on whichever you choose.
• Cupboards: foods like cereals and canned products can easily go in your cupboards, helping preserve them in cool areas and also creating space at the same time for other things to be arranged on it, making the kitchen look neater and more organized.
• Baskets: baskets can be used to preserve foods like onions, Irish potatoes, garlic and ginger. These are foods that need air so that they don't get spoilt.

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