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Care of the Feet

The feet are two of the most used parts of the body. It is always important to keep the feet and toes in good condition. Here are simple tips that can keep your feet looking clean and fresh daily

Practice good hygiene: Make sure to wash your feet daily as they tend to get dirtier and sweatier than other parts of the body. Also, make sure to wash your feet properly when you have your bath or shower.

Moisturize your feet daily: After washing your feet, apply lotion or foot cream and make this part of your daily regimen.

Wear the right footwear: Make sure to wear the right footwear for the occasion as your feet will stay healthier if you wear proper footwear. Wear shoes that will keep your feet cool for warmer weathers and shoes that will keep your feet warm for cooler weathers.

Get rid of odours: Try changing your socks more often especially when they get damp with sweat. It you already have stinky feet; you could try foot powder on your feet. You could also sprinkle foot powder, baby powder or talcum powder in your shoes before you put them on.

Keep feet dry: Make sure to always keep your feet dry as feet issues like athlete's foot and other fungi tend to grow in moist conditions.

Trim toenails: Make sure to trim your toenails frequently in order to keep them looking clean, neat, healthy and strong. Avoid trimming your toe nails too short as this could result in ingrown toenails or an infection.

Heels: For ladies, limit the time you put on high heels. If possible, wear high heels for special occasions only.

Flip flops: Make sure not to wear flip flops all the time. This is because they don't provide support for your feet and they can give you arch and heel pain when you wear them too much.

Foot Care for Infants

As your baby gets more mobile, it is important for you to keep an eye on his/her feet. The earlier you begin looking after the feet of your infant, the better it will be to protect him/her from foot problems later in life. Allow your baby's feet to develop as naturally as possible. Allow him/her to spend time without shoes; this will help make him/her exercise the muscles in the feet. Also, make sure not to wear tight socks on your child as this can hinder or restricts how your child's feet grow. Make sure to check that your baby's bedding and sleepwear have plenty of space for his/her toes to move around easily. When you tuck him/her in bed, make sure not to tuck in too tightly as he/she may not be able to move the feet around and this will be bad for development.

Where to Buy Foot Care Products Online

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