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Funny Ram-dom Pictures Online This Sallah

The Salah celebration is here again and this is one of the times where Nigerians get creative and exceptionally funny by sourcing for images that you will not believe possible. The Sallah celebration relives a moment where one can reflect on their life and see if it is best fitting for a worthy Muslim, but we can always have fun while at it. Some of the pictures below will come off as bizarre and others unbelievable, but then that is why we have this list.

This is a very epic picture! The way the ram is even looking sad and demoralised is a once in a while capture

I am sure this is exactly how most animals feel right now, The comfort!

What better way to make the animal feel comfortable about himself before his death, of course a dress up sounds nice

This is my favourite, this decoration is not for kids, the cucumber, onions and tomatoes, nicely cut and carefully fit on the body of the ram, this is sure a creative way to prepare your ram this holiday!

LOL! This is just unfair, for an animal that you are going to dissect into tiny little pieces, the least it deserves is a breathing space! I don't blame the family though, how else could they converge the animal to their village?

This guy is just the best, if you look closely you will see the man allowing the Ram talk to his family over the phone, bidding them goodbye. There is nothing a Ram could ask more for, posing for the picture is even a fantastic way of relieving the memory of this moment. Nice Guy!

This Compilation of pictures are beyond funny, and we are sure the forth coming holidays will bear even funnier ones. Be a part of the celebration and buy your rams on Kaymu.