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Gym Mats

A gym mat is a mat which is specially produced to be used as a tool during fitness exercises. Gym mats are available in various colours and they are foldable. They are perfect for trainings, stunting and some come with a degree of cushioning. Usually, gym mats are used for safety in fitness trainings and gymnastics in most cases; they are also a piece of foam covered in leather. Gym mats are used to cushion the body from the stress caused by some high impact exercise. They can also be used as yoga mats. Mats are important because they can effectively reduce and even avoid the risk of injury when being involved in an exercise.

Types of Gym Mats

There are different types of exercise mats and some of them are:

Pilates mats: These mats are similar to yoga mats but longer and thicker. They are made with closed-cell construction and they offer some sort of padding.

Yoga mats: Yoga mats are thinner than Pilates mats and this is basically because they are intended for lower impact exercises. Yoga mats can be produced from materials such as PVC, cotton, mesh, rubber and others.

Fitness mats: These mats are thick and large; about half an inch thick and five feet long. They are usually used for stretching exercises and other forms of exercises. They are capable of absorbing some amount of impact shock and they provide cushioning between you and the floor during general exercises.

Professional fitness mats: These mats could be about two inches thick and they are normally used in gymnastics and other professional sports activities. They are really large and bulky. They are great because they are capable of absorbing almost any shock that might damage the knees, ankles, neck or spine. It is important to own a gym mat especially if you frequently involve yourself in floor-based strength training moves at the gym. Moreover, it would be great to have one if you regularly take Pilates or yoga classes.

Caring for Your Gym Mat

• When cleaning the mat, first sweep to remove grit and dirt. Next, clean the mat with a neutral pH cleaner and a disinfectant before each use.
• Make sure to clean underneath mats.

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