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Hair Care Tips For a Natural, Healthy Hair

The hair is a part of the body, and as such, should be well taken care of. Most of the activities we do and the way we treat our body, even down to the food we eat, affects the growth and strength of the hair. One does not only need to eat vegetables and fruits just to make the skin look nourished and fresh, but even these things we consume affect the hair. So all in all, the hair is an important part of the human anatomy and one needs to pay proper attention to it, since personal care is something we have to do ourselves.

The hair is defined as "any of the fine thread-like strands growing from the skin or humans, mammals and some other animals". That notwithstanding, we are more concerned about the hair that grows on the head of humans. Almost everyone, man or woman, keeps their hair. And keeping the hair means it has to be maintained and cleaned constantly to avoid things like dandruff, lice and dirt eating at the hair and making it break or damage over time. Also, washing with just water and combing it out isn't the end of the road. To be able to keep the hair looking neat and beautiful, there are some simple tips one needs to follow.

• Maintain a healthy diet. This has been mentioned above but the importance cannot be overstated. Eat good food filled with nourishing nutrients for the body, eat a lot of fruits and consume a lot of water. Do all these and watch your hair grow into a silky mass of greatness.
• Wash your hair with good shampoo. Dandruff is one of the easiest hair diseases to contact and it is also one of the fastest things to damage the hair. Also to avoid lice, wash your hair with good shampoos and do that often. Avoid sharing your hair tools with too many people as well.
• Apply conditioner to your hair. Although there are different types like the leave in and the rinse out conditioners, it is very important to apply some to the hair so that it can make the hair softer which enables one be able to detangle the hair easily, therefore reducing breakage when combing.
• Do not wash your hair every day. Although it is important to make sure your hair is clean, washing the hair constantly can make the hair lose its natural nutrients, thereby making it strong and brittle.
• Comb your hair with care. The best way to comb one's hair is to start from the ends, detangling it gently and then eventually take it up to the roots. This helps to prevent breakage.

With all these tips listed, it is also important to know the kind of hair one has. There are three types and they are:

• Oily hair: this kind of hair falls limply to the sides of the face when brushed too often. Basically, it is naturally oily and needs to be washed constantly to get it to look clean.
• Normal hair: this is the balance between oily and dry hair and has a great texture.
• Dry hair: although some people naturally have dry hair, it could also be caused by blow-drying or using too much chemical treatments.

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