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Hand Held Multi Function Massager

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Features: Clipper-built design more fashionable personality Antiskid handle design to the multi function massager 7 in 1 multi function design to the hand held massager Nails fastened to stagger the more appropriate body pressure massage effect, not achieve the ideal Effect Ergonomics design, streamlined massage easily handle any part of the body Replaceable Contactor Categories: Convex round massage head
Package Included: 1 x Massager 10 x Massage Heads
super function fitness massager
1.whole body massager
2.hand held massager
3.portable massager
4.massager with lots of functions

Voltage rating: AC220V~240V/50Hz
Power consumption: Max. 60 w
Size: W230mm*D120mm*185mm
Rotation speed: high 3500 round/min., Low 2800 round/min.
Weight: 3.5kg

The Hand-held Massager's main functions are listed below:

1.put the slimming cream, then massage 30 minutes a day on the same area for successive 14 day. You will see fast slimming result, especially in the abdomen part, thigh, leg, shoulder back and buttock. Long term using would help prevent your skin from sagging.

2.Promote blood circulation and relaxing muscles: There were salons power rub 10 minutes massage before the treatments, and proved its function in relaxing the body and promoting blood circulation, thus reaching the best slimming result.

3.Balancing hormone: By massaging the lower abdomen and thigh joints, it would bring an effective result in exercising the muscles, and in this way reactivate the body cells. It is useful especially for females above 30 years old who are experiencing pigmentation, freckles,wrinkles, aging signs, emotional, lack of sleep, irregular menstrual, menopause and inactive sexual slimming capsule.

4.Bust lifting: If apply together with bust cream would help to lift the sagging bust, especially those of the middle age or women after breastfeeding.

5.Strengthen the digestive system, reduce constipation: Massage around the abdomen would help improve intestinal movement, reduce constipation.

6.Improves sexual ability of the couple. improve organ sensitivity. Females will be able to reach orgasm easily.
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