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Every fashionable man or woman need a personal collection of personal care and beauty products. On Jumia Market, you will find all the biggest brands of beauty and personal care essentials whether you want cosmetic products for looking fresh and rejuvenated all through the day or you need that perfect skin-friendly makeup kit for a very special occasion, you can find them all on Jumia Market. Besides, you can even find herbal products that can ensure a 360-degree natural care for your skin. Your health is your wealth, to ensure you take proper care of your skin; you need to get yourself some skin care products from brands like Green life, Avon, Zaron and a host of others.

Whether you are a working professional who needs to go out in the sun pretty often or a stay-at-home mom looking for beauty products for family and social occasions, Jumia Market has the answer for all your beauty and personal care needs. Personal care products such as hair clipper for men, shavers for women, body enhancing cream and food supplements are available here on Jumia Market. Explore our diverse range of beauty products and choose your favorite brand from the top sellers in Nigeria. Here on Jumia Market, there is no limit from wide selection of health and beauty products we have on offer but one thing is clear, you will get value for your money and you can be rest assured of quality service delivery from start to finish on from stores on our online marketplace.

The health products are needs, not wants. They are needs because they help to your skin healthy. As for the vitamin supplements, they are also very pivotal to ensuring you have a sound health, hence the need to always have them available either at your home or at the office. The reason being that that will always come in handy health wise. While health products will pass for needs, beauty products may just be wants since some people rarely use makeup and still look good looking with a little application of powder. Let us help you achieve your goals of looking good with the wide range of beauty and health products available. You can never over-stress the needs to get yourself appear real super cool while moving around strong and healthy. Shop now.

Find beauty and makeup essentials on Jumia Market

On Jumia Market, we have every other sort of beauty and make-up essentials, such as weave-on and wigs, manicure set, face cream and more that can fill your wardrobe to perfection. You will find the useful cosmetics right here on Jumia Market and you would not have to search elsewhere online for your shopping next time you think of buying products off our 'digital shelves' . You should also be sure to check the shelf life of the care products you are currently using so and promptly replace them with newer ones when necessary. For example, foundation for women last typically between three to six months. While powder products have a shelf life of one year. However, if you find that your powder oozes some unpleasant smell, it could even be your blusher or concealer, then you know it's high time you changed these personal essentials with newer ones. Here on Jumia Market, you could find all the best-priced quality cosmetic products you desire. We have the big brands such as Victoria, Gucci, Pure Daydream, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Garnier, Elle, Milani, Avon, and so on.

Get Sweet Smelling Scents for your Bath Time

After a very stressful day, relaxing our body is one of our top most priorities because other than relaxation being a way of having fun, it helps to relax the tense muscles in the body, especially the heart. Relaxing also helps to prevent depression and all round, just has a lot of health benefits.

One of the perfect ways to relax after a long day is to soak up in a warm bath tub, with great scents surrounding you. This way, the warm water helps to relax your muscles and the scents help to soothe the mind. Bathing also helps us to relax the brain after a long day, sleep better and thereby, be agile enough for the next day.

Some of the best scents to have around one when having a bath include:

• Peppermint: helps to reduce stress.
• Lavender: helps to calm the nerves. Also acts as a sleep aid.
• Cinnamon: helps to take away fatigue.

When shopping for bath soaps and liquids, you can consider the fragrances and the one that appeals to you the most. They are really necessary especially for those days when you just want to pamper yourself.

On our online platform, you can be sure to find any fragrance of body wash and liquid soaps to give yourself a well-deserved bath anytime you want. It is as easy as you placing your orders and getting them delivered to you, anywhere in Nigeria you are. If you also a seller of body wash and liquid soaps, you can easily do that on Jumia Market. All you need to do is register to become a seller on our platform and start selling today. Explore all the benefits the world of online shopping has to offer today.

Choose the Right Make-up Products

Who says men don't wear makeup like women; these days men also wear makeup especially celebrities and public figures who wear them to look good for video or photo shoots. See why it is essential for both the male and female folks? Looking good is the major reason most people men or women apply makeup. On Jumia Market, you will find a plethora of health & beauty products to your delight. Talk about Mac, Mary Kay and other women's beauty products, you can conveniently find them on Jumia Market but search with caution because unlike fashion products, you cannot afford to make mistakes when buying something you will apply onto your skin. It is advisable to search well before choosing the one that will not only fit your skin colour type but also one that won't cause some negative reaction in your skin.