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A home should be a relaxed place. A space where you can unwind, where family and friends can sit together to have fun time. Making it convenient should be top on your list. Every part of the home is important which is why we our feature an extensive collection of quality products in bathroom accessories, kitchen and living room essentials, dining. When it comes to home and living, comfort is king, cool cooking and blissful bathing should be your watchword. That way, you will live in style and comfort.

We pride ourselves in offering you the very best in unique and stylish home and living products. Our range of home furnishings and living accessories add function and style to your living space. We have sourced the latest in home wear and home decor and our latest product selections include bathroom accessories, kitchen-ware essentials, and dining products. Our selection covers all areas of your home and lifestyle, including candles, aromatherapy, quality bakeware and dinnerware. Browse our home and living store to discover the best of home wares, interiors, exteriors and furnishing, lighting , flooring, soft Furnishings, outdoor furniture and more.

Shop for Great Home and Living Decorations for a Beautiful Home

A beautiful home is the dream of everyone. Having a home where everything is organized and looks good appeals to every eye, even the visitors. Having everything you need can also make the house very comfortable and fun to live in. even the littlest things like a remote control organizer, helps to keep the house organized, could serve as a decoration and lets you keep all the remote controls in the home in one place, making it easy for you to find one when you need it.

Decorations bring out the beauty of a home. They are necessary because they bring life to an otherwise empty and lifeless space. When you get a new place, it never really feels like a home until you have decorated it to represent your personality and style. Living in a home that showcases your style and a bit of your past helps to make you feel more comfortable, and then you look forward to going home at the end of the day.

Interior design is one way to get your home to look stylish and sophisticated. Interior design is the process of beautifying the interior of a room or building, sometimes to fit a particular theme you might have in mind. Most interior decorators work hand in hand with the people whose room they want to design so if you're going to hire one, you can be sure to tell them everything you want, exactly how you want it.

Some of the items used for decoration that one can do without having to solicit the help of an interior decorator include paint, drawings and wallpaper. Wallpapers especially help to cover damages in the wall so even if you use paint, they are very effective for covering cracks or peelings on the wall when the paint eventually becomes worn and begins to fall off. There are different types of wallpapers you can select from. Some of them include:

• Stain-resistant wallpaper: great for hallways, kitchens and children's rooms.
• Moisture-resistant wallpaper: great for use in high moisture areas like the bathroom.
• Self-adhesive wallpaper: easy to apply. Just remove the backing and glue it to the wall like a sticker.
• Removable wallpaper: also referred to as strippable wallpaper, it comes off easily and is perfect if you have ideas of renewing your wallpaper once in a while.
• Textured wallpaper: this wallpaper works well for ugly walls.
• Horizontal wallpaper: gives the effect of a wider room.
• Vertical wallpaper: gives the effect of a room with more height.

On Jumia Market, you can be sure to find the best accessories to decorate your home with and at the best prices. If it is furniture you need, curtains or accessories for the home, you can browse through our exhaustive collection of items that would definitely fit into your home.

Quality and affordable household supplies

Household supplies are items that we need in the home to make the house more comfortable and they are things we need around the home for a cleaner, more organized environment. Items like a laundry basket for keeping dirty clothes until they are ready to be washed, kitchen sink organizer to keep the kitchen sink arranged and always looking neat and a portable hand sewing machine for mending stiches and small tears in clothes. These are little home necessities.

You can easily buy any kind of household supplies for your home, be it in any part of the house. Buy at the most amazing prices and have them delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy our flexible payment options that include payment on delivery options. If you're a seller of household supplies, you can also put up your products for sale on our online platform. Get the best deals for all things household supplies with ease and no stress on Jumia Market today.

Where to Buy Home Furnishing and Living Accessories in Nigeria

Whether you're looking for a couch, table, or shelf to finish off your room, we have all the living room furniture you need to decorate your home or apartment. Find everything you need to make your dream home from single tables to entire living room furniture sets of a loveseat, sofa, ottoman, and recliner; all available in different colors, styles and fabrics. You can refurbish your home from our home and living store. Browse through our selection of home products to find the items that fit your taste, needs, and pocket! We have an amazing collection to help you furnish your entire home. We feature everything from bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and dining room furniture to baby furniture, bed frames and accent furniture.

To ensure that you have a great experience, we make sure to list products from trusted sellers at the lowest available price. Now you can have your dream home at a price you can afford