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Home Security Equipment Online in Nigeria

Security is important to humans especially in our homes. When in search of a new apartment, we are concerned with living in a secured area. At Jumia Market, we understand the importance of security, which is why we have selected a range of home security equipment for you. Find amazing home security products such as burgle alarm which alerts you whenever there is an intruder, security camera which allows you view from your TV,, laptop, tablet or smartphone, fingerprint door lock – with this only those with authorization can enter your home and it saves you from explaining to people why you do not want to give out your keys and surveillance camera to keep you inform of the activities around your home.

Sell Home Security Equipment on Jumia Market

Do you sell and install security cameras and equipment, Jumia Market is the platform where you can sell and render services. Our online market place allows you to reach larger audience; thousands of people will get to know what you have to offer. What more, you can list your products for free. All you need to sit back and watch your cash roll in.

Basic Home Security Tips

You will agree with me that protecting the home from professional thieves is a huge task. However, the amateurs are the ones who burgle homes and it is easier to prevent these ones from invading your house if you apply these basic precautions.

• Burgle your house! This might sound strange but this will inform you of where there are lapses in your security systems.
Make sure your lock your door every time you are leaving your home even if it is for a short while. It is easier to burgle a home with an unlocked door or window.
• If you just moved into a new house, changing the locks is important.
• Install an alarm system and make sure the wires are hidden. Professional thieves will always find a way to disconnect security system. Therefore don't make it easy for them.
• Make people thinks there is always someone at home. You can achieve this by using timers to switch on lights and radios on and off at intervals when you are away.
• It is easy for burglars to break into a house with a spring-latch lock especially those who are experts at loiding.
• If you lose your keys, change locks immediately.

Securing Doors: Installing a 1-inch a throw deadbolt lock is the first step to burglar-proof your home. Avoid a spaced door. If you have door hinges outside your home, remove them and install it inside. If you have a glass patio door, you can put a metal bar at the bottom track of the middle slide. Make sure the track and metal bar are same length.