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Jumia Market: Please introduce yourself in a few words.


O.E.: My name is Obioma Ezeri, I own Segna Consult Store on Jumia Market.

L.O.: My name is Lilian Ogorumba, I am a business person, used to be a baker now I have a store called Lil Gifts on Jumia Market.


Jumia Market: How long have you been selling on Jumia Market& what do you sell?


O.E.: Sometimes when you want to buy something from the country, you are frustrated trying to get something at a reasonable rate. Inatially I go get something when I travel but I discovered that sometimes the luggage because when you travel with children you have so much to carry and then I've always been an online person I buy a lot online in the UK when I travel so once I heard about Jumia Market, I said ok let me give it a try, a listed about 5 products and then with a day made a sale. Said okay maybe something can come out of this. And then somebody called me from Jumia Market saying he was going to help me manage my store and that was how I started. E-commerce in Nigeria being new and in infancy stage, people find it difficult to understand how these things work.

L.O.: I have been selling for over a month now. I sell unique items, household items likeknife sharpenersfridge magnets, some kitchen related items mostly.


Jumia Market: How did Jumia Market help you in conducting your business?


O.E.: Jumia Market has helped me a lot. In fact they encouraged me. Like I said I started like a joke. It was Jumia Market, the staff especially they helped me a lot they encourage me and when the sales started rolling in, I was able to continue and then it became something serious.

L.O.: Jumia Market has actually made selling easy. What I like about Jumia Market is that they protect their buyers. They care so much about their buyers to give their buyers the best price possible and they also want to protect their sellers by giving them some concessions, not too heavy fees like some other oline platforms. Jumia Market has made it very easy to sell. My prices are very low and delivery is almost seemless.

Jumia Market: What was Jumia Market's impact on your sales?


O.E.: Before Jumia Market I was doing offline sales I tried to get a shop before but the problem of getting sales girls and the power situation in the country and getting good people to stay in the shop so at a point I had to give up the idea. So I was selling from my car sort of car boot sales and then from my home. Most times people will buy and they don't pay up, chasing them to pay will become a problem.

Jumia Market: What challenges did you face as a business woman in the country?


L.O.: Some infrastructure need to be put in place like electricity. As I said once the little infrastructure problem has been solved, that will make delivery more see less because delivery is a challenge for any online platform. So when that is taken out of the equation, then there will no reason to leave your house. It is the way forward.

Jumia Market: How do you see the future of e-commerce in your country?


O.E.: The future for e-commerce in the country is very very bright. What we need is the infrastructure. Once we get it right then the sky is the starting point for e-commerce.

L.O.: I think online shopping is the way of the future, that is, the way of the world. You can't compare it, especially when you have small priced items. The time, the effort used to market the items, you can't compare it. You don't have to have a store, you don't pay rent, you can just be in your house and sell. Any house wife that just feels like selling should just sell on Jumia Market. It doesn't affect anything. Anyone can sell on Jumia Market, it doesn't take much time.


Jumia Market: What will be your advice for other women wishing to do business in the country/ sell stuff on Jumia Market?


O.E.: For other women thinking about business or thinking about selling or doing something, I'll say start because once you start, nothing can stop you because the problem is not starting thinking it's not possible. There is nothing like impossibility I mean there is a lot of possibility in this nation Nigeria. Jumia Market has proved to me that you can achieve a lot just by working around your family, working around your children.

L.O.: Well I think women should keep being strong, keep being focused. The fact that you are a woman doesn't take anything from you. I think women can do much more than they are doing and if you must sell, sell on Jumia Market. It I sthe cheapest and it is just so easy if you are thinking of additional means or Plan B that people talk about. If you want to sell, just put it up on Jumia Market. It doesn't take 5 minutes.

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