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How to Make More Money | Jumia Market

How to make more money on Jumia Market


Customer Reviews Gives Credit to Your Product

Product review is one important way to gain customers’ trust as well as increase sales. A positive product feedback will boost the confidence buyers have in both your product and store which will further persuade them to purchase your product. Encourage your buyers to leave a feedback after making a purchase.



This does not only mean having lots of products to display. It also means that you should have different products to showcase to potential buyers. Having a minimum of 30 products in your store can be appealing. Also be sure to have about 10 items per product.



Good Price, Good Business

One of the things that differentiate you from other sellers is your pricing. Ensure your price is competitive enough to attract buyers. Selling products at reasonable prices can influence a buyer’s choice and buy their loyalty. You can liaise with your seller manager to better understand how you can get the best prices for your products.



Uploading a clear and quality image of your listings is a good way to call a potential buyer’s attention. Images should be shot against a white background and where you can get natural lighting. Take up close picture and crop appropriately. Also, shoot your picture from different angles. We recommend that pictures should be a minimum of 500 by 500 pixels and maximum of 2000 by 2000 pixels.



Your product description should give a detailed representation of your product with all its features. Your product description should also be easily understood by buyers. Focus on what they will benefit from buying the product and how it can be used. Do not over sell the product. Buyers can identify exaggeration and that can make you lose a potential buyer.


Channels that are Available for you to Drive Sales

Sponsored Product:

One way to make your product perform better than other competitors is to subscribe to KAYA. KAYA is the name given to sponsored products. Sponsored products will put your product in as many faces as possible. When you subscribe to KAYA, your products will be displayed on different pages for thousands of buyers to see.

Sponsored product

Banner Ads:

Here, a banner will be designed for your store and placed on the home page. This will improve the visibility of your store.

banner ad


Value Added Services (VAS): The VAS team is here to ease your stress. This is the team that effectively monitors your store from picture taking to product delivery. They do the following:

1.   Order management: Bearing in mind that some sellers do not like the disturbances they get from buyers over the phone, coupled with the cost of calling buyers and to eliminate miscommunication between buyers and sellers, the team created this scheme to bridge the gap created from these challenges. This is divided into two distinctive parts; placing calls and order pick up

    A. Placing calls: When an order is placed on your store, the VAS team will call the buyer and convince him that he has made a right choice. Also, the team will inform you of the best day to make delivery if you do self-delivery.

   B. Order pick up: The team can schedule pick up with Jumia Services. This service team will go to seller location to pick up order placed and have it delivered to the buyer without the sellers having to go to the drop of centers. Even in the case of returned item, the returned item will be taken to the seller location.

2.   Listing & Uploading: This team will ensure that you have quality pictures and eye catching description of your products online. They are available to do these for you at a low cost.

3.   Logistics & Tracking: Orders that go through Jumia Services are properly tracked to eliminate item loss, reduce the rate of returned order. This involves making sure your items get to the buyers in good condition. Also, the VAS team will give you information on top performing products in your shop. This will guide you on the right product to display to buyers.

Social Media:

Your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can make your products reach more people. In as much as our website is a major way to reach potential buyers, your own social media will serve to advertise your products to potential customers thereby boosting sales.