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How To Maximize Profits From Your Jumia Market Affiliate Account

Online businesses and its monetization have been growing at a very high rate since 2010. This has long tripled over the years. In 2016, people spend millions of Naira every day and every month, buying and selling products or services over the internet. The best bet for someone who wishes to make some cool cash in 2016 is to partake in online businesses.

I believe you may have heard that statement before, that making a full earning online is possible. The question is: how can you do this?

There are various ways that you can partake in the share of the millions spent online every day. A few examples are: setting up a website, selling ads, using ad programs, and/or using affiliate programs. In this article, we shall be focusing on the affiliate programs in Nigeria because of their high level of profitability.

The affiliate program allows you to refer buyers to buy products or services after which you get a percentage off the price of that product or service. Explaining further, you as the person referring become the 'affiliate' while the percentage got off the price of the goods and services becomes your 'commission' for bringing in the buyer. If you are wondering which affiliate program to use in Nigeria, Jumia Market Affiliate Program is one of the best options at the moment.

Whether you are new into the game, or you are already making money from it, here are some of the ways you can maximize your profits from your Jumia Market affiliate account.

Be of Help:

This should be your number one priority. As a matter of fact, that is the best way to gain favors from people who are your potential buyers, both on and offline. It is not always about referring a product to a person, you will need to provide valuable and useful information so they have a complete knowledge about what they are spending their money on. Granting them freebies along with what they are buying also increases your profit.

Use Banners:

If you run a blog or other types of website and you have some good amount of daily traffic, you can simply add some of the banners you get from the affiliate program. When you display the banners on noticeable areas of your website, your visitors will see and visit, then buy items from you using your banners.

Do Reviews:

This is usually one of the guaranteed and best methods to earn passive recurring income from your Jumia Market affiliate account. All you have to do is write a very powerful review about the product. In doing this, ensure the right keywords are used and optimized so the review will rank on big search engines like Google. Such reviews that bring lots of sales normally gain a lot of traffic from search engines as different people use Google every day to search for it.

Use Deep Links Carefully:

When you are using your affiliate link to refer potential buyers to a product page, it is important not to make mistakes in the link to the product page. Ensure you test them out to see that it is bringing the correct landing page of the product you are referring.

Use Word of Mouth:

Just like you write reviews to refer your visitors to buy a product from your blog or any website, it is the same way you can still use words of mouth to refer people to buy. After explaining and convincing why they should buy a product, you may help them order the goods using your own affiliate link or give them a shortened link (more on that later below) or customized link of your affiliate link. They will enter the shortened URL which will direct them to your affiliate link from which they will buy the goods so you can earn the commission.

Shorten and Customize Your Links:

Since your affiliate or deep links (containing your affiliate link to a product) will be very long, you can use various tools that shorten URLs for it. A good example of URL shorteners are, and many others. Moreover, also provides the option to customize the Shortened URL. After you shorten it and customize, your URL will be easier to remember and give out to people both online and offline so you will always earn all the commissions when they buy items via the link.