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Jumia Market Krew

What is Krew?

As an Independent Sales Consultant, your main responsibility is to: Canvass potential buyers to register and buy from our extensive range of products, while you earn generous Commission as reward.

What we offer you?

1. Independent Sales Consultant - An affiliate program designed to drive sales, acquire and retain buyers, create brand awareness for Jumia Market and empower entrepreneurs-to-be/promote entrepreneurship.
2. We will also provide Training and Mentoring to help you make the best of this opportunity and invest in your future endeavors at no cost to you.


  1. 1. No previous experience is needed
  2. 2. Passion for selling
  3. 3. Keen to make extra cash
  4. 4. Basic computer literacy
  5. 5. Interpersonal skills

Join the Jumia Market Krew