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What is Jumia Market Village?

We already think of Jumia Market as an online community marketplace. But wouldn't it be great if Jumia Market was also an in-person marketplace? Yes, we think so too!

We are thrilled to introduce Jumia Market Village, an off-line extension of the Jumia Market online marketplace. Jumia Market Village is the name we're giving a series of community centered experience stores across Lagos, and the very first one opens up in our very own Yaba.

We're taking Jumia Market shopping to Yaba! Yes, literally!

So how does this concern me? We got 4 OGBONGE reasons for you!

1. You know how you sometimes try to reach our customer care but the lines might be jammed? Well, walk into our experience center and get the issue resolved in no time.

2. This serves as another convenient drop-off point for you, our precious seller. Drop off your orders and get them delivered within the expected time, stress free.

3. Interested in selling online on Jumia Market? Walk in, get set up in minutes and start making cash online.

4. Get to meet other sellers and entrepreneurs that have been there and done it and learn from their experiences.

Location: Jumia Market Village, 60 Queen's Street, Yaba, Lagos Map.

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