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Late night shopping in Nigeria

Late Night Online Shopping Trends in Nigeria

In recent time, there has been a consistent rise in late night shopping trends all around the world. These shopping trends pose some advantages to e-commerce shopping platforms and also to the shoppers in question. Most times, these night crawlers shop from about 10pm to 4am with 11pm-12am being the busiest shopping hour in Nigeria, specifically for Lagos State.

Why would people rather forgo their beauty sleep to stay glued to online shopping sites for most of the night? Could it be as a result of the recent growth in mobile phone usage and internet browsing? Well, if it is, why couldn’t these people stick to social media sites for entertainment? Why spend money shopping at odd hours?

In our opinion and from a survey of ideas from other people, we came across several reasons as to why people would rather shop late into the night. For one, some of these people battle with sleeplessness and so they decide to check out their favourite items on their favourite online stores and from there, make a purchase or two. Another group of people claim they shop late into the night because of the type of items they want to purchase. For example, someone buying sex toys may feel much more comfortable to shop these items when no one is likely to come around him or her. In view of this, observe that 57% of our late night shoppers are within the age range of 25 and 34. Moreover, some people claim that they enjoy fast internet browsing between the period between 12am and 6am while the rest claim that they shop late into the night mainly because they live really busy lives and the only time they have for activities like this during the week is when everyone else has drifted to sleep. In our survey, we were able to conclude that the most sought-after items in the very early hours of the morning are fashion items, adult toys, smartphones, tablets and laptops with men taking the lead over women in the late night shopping trend.

Taking commerce to the internet has brought about great advantages to e-commerce businesses as well as to individual shoppers. For shoppers, although late night shopping has the tendency to make a person go on crazy shopping sprees, which he or she may later regret when the packages begin to come in, this trend has however given people tremendous freedom to shop at any given time they wish to. For the businesses, it also allows them to continually be in service which would eventually lead to a rise in sales.