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A lotion is a kind of thick, smooth liquid preparation that is made to be applied to the skin for cosmetics or medicinal purposes. There are a million and one reasons why lotions are important to the body and the general reason why one should always apply lotion is because they make the skin look better. They replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin, which is not a strange thing to experience on the skin, whether it is dry or oily. It also helps one feel and smell good, and also relax. Best of all, they make the skin glow.

A moisturizer is also a liquid and creamy cosmetic preparation that is applied on the skin to prevent or abate dryness. Moisturizing the skin ensures that your skin is softer and more elastic because it keeps the skin hydrated, thereby helping you achieve a younger look and feel.

One might think that there isn't much difference between a lotion and a moisturizer, but while they are both applied on the skin, they are not exactly the same. While a lotion is made to remove the hydration characteristics beneath the skin, moisturizers are applied on the skin to carry the essential vitamins and oils back into the skin. Also, a lotion could be applied on the skin for the various effects it has. It could be used as antibiotics, antiseptics and anti-acne agents and also for soothing and smoothing the skin, or as a protective agent. It could also act as a moisturizing lotion. A moisturizer on the other hand, is used for only moisturizing the skin.

It can be said that all moisturizers are lotions, but not all lotions are moisturizers. There are different types of lotions and moisturizers, for different purposes. Types of lotions include:

Body lotion: this should be applied to the skin daily to moisturize it and keep it looking healthier.
• Bath lotion: this kind is applied on the whole body, especially after taking a long bath. They replace the skin's essential oils that have been washed away when one soaks themselves in a warm bath.
• Baby lotion: this is suitable for people who have sensitive skin or do not like scented lotions. Made for babies, it is usually free of harsh chemicals so it would not react badly to sensitive skin.
• Hand lotion: hand lotions are important because we usually use hand wash lot, thereby exposing them to harsh chemicals which dry out the skin. They provide relief for the dryness and also, the nutrients the hands need.
• Milk bath: they are added during the baths to nourish the skin while one relaxes and soaks their body.

Moisturizers are categorized into four groups, depending on the degree of dryness of the skin.

• Moisture absorbers: they draw water to the skin cells to keep the skin hydrated. They work best for thick, dry skin.
• Emollients: they fill up the spaces between skin cells that are missing moisturizing lipids. They can be water or oil based and work best for extremely dry mature skin that needs a lot of moisture.
• Ceramides: these work by replenishing the skin with lost ceramides, which are naturally found in the skin and when damaged or depleted, can appear as dry skin, they work best for normal and combination skins.
• Moisture sealers: also known as occlusives, they are designed to douse the skin in moisture and are recommended more for the body and not the face. They work best for mature and dehydrated skin.

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