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Makeup are cosmetic products, like powders, foundations, concealers and lipsticks, applied on the face to enhance the facial features and generally make them look more beautiful. It has been in vogue for a very long time and has transcended and become more diversified over the years. There are now tools that are used to apply makeup to give a flawless, perfect and well blended finish.

There are varying levels to which most women apply makeup on their faces. Some women apply little to nothing, while some women use a lot. Whichever the case is, women generally apply makeup because it boosts confidence. Some women feel like they cannot go a day without applying makeup on their faces, and this is because makeup has a way of covering blemishes on the face and giving it a flawless look.

There are different makeup products today, and although some women might feel the need to buy a bit of everything, there are some things that must be in a woman's makeup bag. These could be called makeup essentials that even a beginner or a light makeup wearer should have. Not everything on this list below should be owned, but if you're looking to get a good look without having to buy everything, then you should get most of the following.

• Moisturizer: this helps to keep the skin moisturized and glowing. This is necessary so that the skin doesn't dry out.
makeup brushes: these brushes are of different kinds, all used to apply different kinds of makeup on the face properly.
Concealer: to hide the blemishes and acne spots on the face.
• Foundation: creates a smooth and even surface for your make up to go on.
• Eye pencil: to draw out your eyebrows and make them look neater and better.
Eye shadow: to accentuate your eyes and make them pop and look more beautiful.
Eyeliner: to enhance the shape of the eyes and make them more noticeable.
Mascara: for that dramatic effect to your eyelashes, making your eyes look all the more glorious.
• Blush: for that healthy tint to your face.
• Translucent powder: for that natural, not "made-up" finish.
Lipstick/lip gloss: to make your lips look plumper and more attractive.

Because makeup goes on the face, it is important to be careful with what one applies on the face. Choose what you use on the face carefully, and solicit the help of a professional if you must. Another thing one needs to know is the basic rule of applying makeup: never sleep with makeup on the face. Wash everything off to air the pores of the face, and this helps to reduce the possibility of acne popping up on the face. Also, make sure you keep your makeup brushes clean all the time, because they go directly on the face, which could be sensitive sometimes. Finally, always pick the makeup colors that suit your skin tone. The whole idea of makeup is to enhance the features on the face and make them look more beautiful, not to actually look "made up".

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