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Are you tired of paying Electricity Bills even when there is low supply compared to the charges monthly? Then contact Engineer Kingsley on: 08100393475, for your SOLAR POWER INSTALLATION. With affordable cost, you can enjoy 24 hours Non Interrupted power supply in your home, offices and Street light, with limited maintenance for about 15 - 20 years after installations. What are you waiting for, keep the calls coming... your comfort is my concern. (1) 900VA/12V inverter + battery + Solar panels + installation = affordable price loads it can carry at once are: light 6 tv 2 fan 3 Laptop 1 (2) 1.7kva/12v, 24v inverter + Batteries + Solar panels + installation= affordable price loads it can carry at once are: light 6 to 12 Tv 3 Fan 3 Laptop 1 fridge 1 pressing iron 1. (3) 3.5kva/12v, 24v, 36v inverter + batteries + Solar panels + installation for an affordable price. loads it can carry at once are: Lights 10 to 15 fridge 1 freezer 1 Tv 3 Fan 3 blender 1 Laptop 2 pressing iron 1 washing machine 1. (4) 5kva/ 24v, 38v, 48v, inverter + batteries + solar panels + installation for an affordable price. Load it can carry at once are: Lights 10 to 15 Tv 4 Fridge 1 Freezer 1 Fan - 4 Air condition 1 and more Blenders 1 Laptops 2 Pressing Iron 1 Washing machine 1. (5) Solar street light 12-13 hours supply for your streets, compounds, recreation centers, gardens and many more. Sharp Brightness is assured. And more other better packages for your convenience. - Key Features Perfect for residential and commercial rooftop systems Super-High efficiency mono crystalline Solar Panels (300 watt) cell efficiency up to 30% High Charging Current +9.0A Advanced low light technology High Power Density +W/M. The high efficiency solar PV module adopts the world's highest efficiency cell with efficiency up to 20%, and efficiency of the module is 25-30% higher than the traditional ones. This cells positive pole and the negative pole are on the same side, the cells front side can absorb maximum sunlight, so that it can get the maximum power. As for these advantages,high efficiency solar PV module is widely used in Roof Power Generation System Solar Road Light System, Solar Pumping System, Off-grid/Grid-tie Generation System etc. - Key Features Capacity 2400VA/1440W Voltage 230VAC Voltage Range 170-280VAC (UPS Mode) 90-280 VAC (INV Mode) Voltage Regulation(Battery Mode) 230VAC +/-10% Color: Black. The Mercury Inverter 2.4 KVA is a Modified Sine Wave compact Inverter, with a built-in charger, it is designed to automatically transfer to Inverter mode and provide continuous power to your home appliances when NEPA supply is interrupted unexpectedly.
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