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Massaging and Body Relaxation

The body needs to be pampered and well taken care of because of all the stress it goes through on a daily basis. All the running around and moving about we do begins to tell on the body over time, especially if we do not take care of ourselves and de-stress as often as possible. When we fail to let go of all that tension in the body, it accumulates eventually and leads to illnesses, even as extreme as stroke and heart failure, and sometimes, death.

One of the many healthy and easy ways to de-stress is to get massages once in a while. Massage is the rubbing and kneading of the muscles and joints in the body with the hands for the purpose of relieving it of tension and pain. Getting a massage is a form of relaxation like none other and at the same time, it helps to body to release all the pent up tension. Not only does massaging the body help to relax and de-stress, but also like the definition states, one can use massage to take away pain. This is one of the many tactics physiotherapists use when treating compromised bones in the body.

There are quite a different number of massages, all with different techniques. Some of them include:
Swedish massage: in this case, the therapist massages the body in smooth, long strokes and by kneading the body in circular movements on the superficial layers of muscle. This is done using massage lotion or oil. It is very relaxing and can be a great experience for a first timer.
Trigger point therapy: a trigger point is a tight area within the muscle tissues that causes pain in other parts of the body. This kind of therapy is designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.
Aromatherapy: also another popular form of massage, this kind of massage works with the addition of one or more scented plant oils, called essential oils. The therapist selects oils that are relaxing, energizing and stress reducing. The most common essential oils normally used is lavender.
Hot stone massage: here, heated smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to make them warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy centers in the body.
Deep tissue massage: the therapists target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, hence the name. It is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, and also recovery from injury.

Other kinds of popular massages include shiatsu, reflexology, sports and pregnancy massage. They all perform the necessary effect they should have on the body and go a long way in keeping one healthy and relaxed.

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