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Smelling good is one of the priorities of life. In a weird sense, smelling good is a part of fashion . This is because when you look good, it attracts people to you. But when you smell bad, people would not be able to stand you, no matter how well dressed you are. So it is important to smell good, and even better, it is not so expensive so you don't have to wear designer perfumes if you don't want to.

Furthering on the comparison of dressing well and smelling good, you would realize that they have almost the same effects on you and the people around you. The benefits of having on a good perfume include:

• It boosts your confidence: the knowledge that you smell good and the compliments you get from people as you pass them by does a lot for your confidence levels. Even at this point, you don't have to be so dressed to be able to make an impression.
• It makes you more attractive: when you smell good, you pull in the right crowd. With the scents and ingredients perfumes are made with, some of them make you so powerfully attractive, people would not be able to resist you.

It speaks a lot of your hygiene: people automatically believe that people who do not smell good are dirty people. This might not be so far from the truth. It is important to smell good because it gives a good impression of how neat you are, even if someone does not know you.

Choosing a kind of fragrance for men, some things should be considered. One of the many things to consider is how the man dresses.

• Casual wear like jeans and t-shirts: for men who typically dress like this, consider citrus scent perfumes. These kind of scents give the wearer a fresh smell.
• Formal wear like suits and button down shirts: men who dress in clothes like these more often, should consider green scents that have a natural smell.

There are different subcategories of men's fragrances. These fragrances are layered with three main tones called the top, middle and the base notes. The layer subcategories are listed below:

• Floral: this kind of scent is associated with flowers. It has the most range of perfumes because they can be soft or powerful and come in a lot of variations. Mostly selected scents are lily, jasmine and gardenia.
• Woody: this layer is associated with forests. For people who enjoy the smells of cedar and sandalwood, they can go for these. They are made with woody smells like lavender, bergamot and lime.
• Aquatic: this is associated with the ocean. These perfumes have a fresh and clean scent. Producers of perfumes in this category use a blend of citrus and light floral scents. Sometimes, calones are added, which is an ingredient that mimics the smell noticed in ocean breezes.
• Leather: this layer has a deep and cozy scent that normally reminds the shopper of leather. Perfumes made of the leather layer usually come from tobacco, cloves and honey with light fruit smells.

Other layers include gourmand and amber, to mention a few.

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