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Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. They are also known as golf shirts and tennis shirts. Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth instead of woven cloth and they are usually made of materials such as piqué cotton, silk, merinowool, or synthetic fibers.

How to wear a polo shirt

Wearing a polo shirt is the most casual way of looking put together. When done wrong, however, it can make you look ridiculous. Here are helpful tips to help you wear your polo shirts in a more attractive way.

• Normally, the common polo shirt is longer in the back and shorter in the front to help it stay tucked in when you bend over. You'll want to take this into consideration when looking for one. If it covers more than half of your back pockets, it's too long.
• Once you find a length that you like, be sure that you take a quick look at the buttons. Many polo shirts have pretty deep V-necks, which when left open and floppy is not attractive at all.
• Another thing you'll want to look for is the ribbing on the sleeves. This varies across all brands and comes down to personal preference. Some have no tension at the end of the sleeve, some hug you like a rubber band. If you've been up in the gym all winter polishing your guns, you might want sleeves that hug (not constrict) your arms to show that off. Just be sure you don't get anything that's too tight. Nobody looks good when their muscles are fighting their clothes. They should complement each other.
• Do not wear them with an undershirt. They're meant to be casual. An undershirt will bulk you up in a bad way and the sleeves might peek out from underneath which is not a good look.
• Never, ever pop your collar.

How to Care for Your Polo Shirts

For washing: Launder with like colored items and wash in cold water. Make sure to remove immediately after spin cycle to avoid mildewing.

For drying: Note that cotton is susceptible to shrinking. Consider hanging and air drying as against using a machine.

For ironing: Use spray starch on the collar when ironing. This keeps the collar looking sharp. Make sure to iron immediately after taking the polo shirt off the drying line this is because air dried clothes wrinkle more

For storing: Never hang polo shirts on wire hangers to avoid fabric puckering. Store by folding. To fold, button top button and arrange collar as when worn

Ways to Style Polo Shirts

• You can pair your polo shirt with chinos or pressed trousers. You can also pair with loafers and shades.
• You can pair polo shirts with blazers.
• You can pair polo shirts with skinny trousers, jeans or shorts. To play with styles switch up shoes: loafers, sandals, oxfords, sneakers. Make sure not to wear boots with polo shirts.
Sun glasses go very well with polo shirts.

Where to Buy Polo Shirts Online

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